Digital Multimeters

INNOVA® Hands-Free™ DMM (10 MegOhm) Part#3300

  • Your personal home & auto electrical tester. Use this versatile and affordable tester to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems.
  • 10 MegOhm circuitry prevents damage to sensitive automotive electronics.
  • Includes wrist-mounted band, stand and lead holders to free up hands for testing.
MSRP $21.41

Auto-Ranging DMM Part#3320

  • Auto-Ranging™ scales eliminate the need to dial in the correct range when making electronic measurements.
  • 10 MegOhm input impedance for safe automotive use.
  • Automotive uses include: automotive circuits, breakers, wiring, vehicle battery & charging systems, electrical components and more.
MSRP $41.99

DMM Inductive AMP Probe Part#3347

  • Ideal for testing alternator output, starter and battery current draw and all other electrical wiring circuits
  • Operating range 0-600 AMP AC/DC
  • Designed to work with all Digital Multimeters
MSRP $138.90

Deluxe DMM Accessory Kit Part#3396

  • Test wiring, batteries, fuses and more with this comprehensive kit.
  • Complete DMM kit can be used with any digital multimeter

Compatible with all Digital Multimeters

Kit contains:
1 - Soft Pouch, 1 - Large Jaw 32A , 2 - Test Leads, 2 - 10A Max Alligator Clips, 2- Max. Alligator Clips, 2 - Test Leads / Straight to Right, 2 - Piercing Probes and 2 - Bed of Nails