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Diagnostic Tool OBD2Part#3040e

Time is money. That’s why when it comes to diagnosing Check Engine issues; you can’t go wrong with the 3040 Scan Tool from Innova. It’s ideal for the entry-level pro, savvy DIYer or to speed up work in busy shops by providing the tools and information, to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot OBD2 and ABS problems on today’s vehicles.
  • Read and erase "Check Engine" light warnings on any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer car, light truck, SUV, or Hybrid
  • Reset the Oil Service light on most 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles
  • View Live Data in real time for more accurate troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Read and erase ABS light trouble codes for most GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota vehicles
  • Battery/Alternator test checks the performance of a vehicle's battery and alternatorenance reminders, TSB and recall notifications, and more.

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Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Part#3040e

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Does it work on heavy-duty vehicles?

Vehicles that weigh more than 8500lbs Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) are considered “heavy duty vehicles,” and are not required to be OBD2-compliant. Therefore, they are not compatible with any OBD2 diagnostic tool.

Does this tool come with a USB cable?

No. The USB cable is not included for this tool. 

What extra features does the PC-Link software offer?

The PC-Link software will allow you  to check for available updates or upgrades for your scan tool/code reader. The software will also allow you to connect the scan tool/code reader to a PC and transfer the information retrieved from your vehicle’s computer.

Where can I get the full copy of the owner's manual?

You can download the Owner’s Manual from the Innova website (www.innova.com). Click on the "Support" Tab, and choose "Manuals and Software". 

Why do the Monitor icons continue to flash?

The I/M MONITOR STATUS icons represent systems that are being tested by your vehicle for any possible faults. Monitors are special computer programs used by the vehicle’s computer to verify proper operation of specific emissions-related components or systems.

Are the tools compatible with vehicles that don't start?

Unfortanlately, if the vehicle's engine is not in running condition the tool will not be able to link to its ECU. 

Can I use the 3040e with the engine running?

We always recommend connecting the 3040e to your vehicle first, before turning on the ignition or starting the vehicle. So long as this procedure is followed, you can use the Code Reader on the vehicle while it is running. IMPORTANT: If it is necessary to drive the vehicle while observing the Code Reader's display (such as when performing a Drive Cycle), ALWAYS have a second person help you. One person should drive while the second person observes the Code Reader's display.

How do I register my tool?

To register simply download the RepairSolutions software from the Manual/Software page, create an account and login with your tool connected to your computer via USB.  

Can the 3040e store more than one vehicle at a time?

Yes, the 3040e will save the last 3 vehicles scanned.

How can I get rid of a stored vehicle?

You will have to scan another vehicle  to override a previous vehicle. There is no alternate way to delete a previous vehicle on the tool.

Will the 3040e have the ability to read ABS and SRS?

The 3040e will retrieve ABS codes, on most 1996 and newer Domestic vehicles. However, it will not retrieve SRS codes. Please refer to our coverage chart for more information. See application chart for more details.

Will the scan tools/code reader damage my vehicle’s electronic systems?

No. Innova’s scan tools/code readers are designed to retrieve information that is stored in your vehicle’s computer. With the exception of initiating the EVAP system Leak Test, O2 Test, and Non-Continuous Test (for vehicles that support these tests), the tools do not command, control, or otherwise enter information to your vehicle. It is not possible for these tools to damage your vehicle’s electronic system.

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