Innova 1000

Become Your Own Mechanic

Turn your smartphone into a smart OBD2 scanner

For $117.64

 All System Scan

 Live Data

 Free Repair App

The Innova Difference

Built for Americans by Americans

Innova is a proudly American business and locally based in Irvine, California. Need support? Give us a call. We pick up our phones!

Regular Free Updates

Unlike others, we provide free updates for our OBD2 Scanners to keep them current with the latest vehicle models.

Real Support

Local Americans are ready to answer your questions or assist you with the product through phone, chat, or email.

Trusted by Automotive Retailers

" Paid for itself right out of the box. My dealer wants $100 just to read a code, so I decided to try this instead. It gave me two things it could be - either the EVAP system had a leak, which would be ~$114 in parts, or my gas cap wasn't on tight enough.

@Robert C. on Amazon

All System Scan

Scan all modules within your car. Such as:





And so much more. To find the specific module your car supports.

Please scroll down to confirm feature availability

Real-Time Live Data

Stream up to 8 data sources at the same time or overlay two sources for pinpoint comparison. Record & playback live data graphs.

The Innova 1000 only supports OBD2 live data and does not cover ABS, SRS, Transmission, or any other OEM systems.

Get a Vehicle Snapshot

Avoid expensive repairs by catching problems early on

Please note that all information displayed is static. The Innova 1000 does not support OEM live data. In other words, it is not possible to read transmission temperature in real-time. You can, however, get a snapshot of the static data of your vehicle at the time it is scanned.

Superior Speed. Smart Tech.

Wirelessly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.Get connected in seconds and enjoy unlimited diagnosis.No batteries required. Extremely lightweight.

Confirm Features

Innova 1000’s capabilities vary from vehicle to vehicle. To ensure it performs the desired functions on your vehicle, we recommend using the service below for confirmation. This information is presented to the best of our knowledge, but it is not guaranteed.

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"omg omg to all DIYers this is a must have tool. The accuracy and details it gives about the car are impressive. easy to connect and easier to run a test on your car this help me find errors i couldnt possibly find on my own i was able to fix a corolla, infiniti fx35 even a mercedez ml500 i tried other code readers but some charge subcribtion that im not too fond of to me is like buying a drill and having to pay a montly subcription just to use it like what? anyways if i could give it mopre start i would.”

@Robert C. on Amazon

Get the Primary Faulty Part 

Eliminate guesswork and save time with the app's smart detection of the primary faulty part.

Confirm with the tool’s diagnostic features.

 Get to the needed part in one tap from the app.

Save Scans

Save unlimited scans to your phone.  Access anytime, anywhere.  

Easily view scans pre & post repair.

Car Repair App

Easier Vehicle Care

View your vehicle's maintenance items.
See your vehicle's next likely issues and get ahead of a possible breakdown.
Access dealer recalls and step by step repair guides.


How much is the app?
It's free with no update costs, subscriptions, or hidden fees. Optional in-app purchases are available.

Will the app work with other brand dongles?
The app will only work with Innova products and BLCKTEC products.
It will not work with generic dongles or ELM.

Will it work on android and iphones?

Will this app work on tablets?

Will this app work on computers?

Will this app work outside of USA and Canada?
No.  This app will only work if you're physically located in the USA or Canada. 
The app is region blocked, and faking your location will not work.

Can I export the data?
Yes, the app allows you to save and send reports from your phone. 

Does it work on multiple vehicles?
Yes, you can scan multiple vehicles without additional costs. 

Where is support for the app?
Right here

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WARNING: California’s Proposition 65