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Innova 3380 Borescope Inspection Camera

Inspect Areas Previously Thought Impossible

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39" Camera Extension

6 Bright Illumination LED

Solid Body Grip

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I am really impressed by the picture. Much better quality and clearer that my other scope. I also really appreciate the stiff neck that stays where you bend it, but easy to bend and fit around corners. Having a light on the end is a must and again appreciated.

@Aaron Johnsonon Amazon

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No need to register. Reach, view, and inspect hard to reach areas with our borescope. Extra rugged unit that can withstand impact.

3.3FT Cable Length 8mm camera cable with 6 adjustable LEDs

90-degree mirror, magnet and hook.

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IP67 Rated Lens resistant to water, dust, and oil

480p Camera Resolution with 2.7” full-color display

For More Than Just Automotive Use


Inspect Air Vents 

Auto Inspection Camera 3.webp__PID:d28d1f53-a0f2-49ec-9726-f0babeafe673


Auto Inspection Camera 2.webp__PID:1f53a0f2-29ec-4726-b0ba-beafe6739a8e

Check Inside Walls

Auto Inspection Camera 2.webp__PID:1f53a0f2-29ec-4726-b0ba-beafe6739a8e

Handy Accessories


Car Inspection

Inspect Areas Contaminated By Oil Or Water

It is the perfect tool to help diagnose automotive issues! Comes equipped with handy accessories such as a magnet and hook (to help recover small lost bolts). It also comes with a 90-degree mirror to view camera images in tight spaces

With INNOVA 3380’s IP67-Rated Submersible Lens, this borescope inspection camera can inspect areas contaminated by oil or water. Safely submerge in liquid up to 3 ft.

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I've used boroscopes in the past while in the military for jet engine inspections, for my car engine, and various other tasks. I've found this unit especially useful in tracking down rattling noises in our car vents and even to track down entry points of pesky insects into our home from outside. The screen is vivid, easy to see. Battery life is so far, long lasting. For the price point, this is definitely a great value!

@AnTon Amazon

Versatile DIY Usages

The Innova 3380 is more than for just automotive use! It can be an awesome tool for plumbing and DIY scenarios such as checking inside walls or inspecting vents and ductwork.


Easy To Use

Customize the tool based on your preference. Easily adjust the color, contrast, screen brightness, and LED light brightness with the simple press of a button.

After use, simply wipe the lens and any portion of the cable that has been immersed during inspection.

I decided to get this because we are about to remodel a bronco and I feel it can come in handy. It can be used for a lot more especially when you are also remodeling a house. It takes 4 AAs and the photo quality it totally amazing. It has a light at the end where the camera is which is very helpful. The camera has a long cord. It is easy to operate but comes with instructions. Overall, fantastic!!

@Danielle Ron Amazon

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