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5610 O'reilly

   This is a wonderful scanner, it is fast, it is accurate, the interface is very easy to read and to use. The device is strong, built for rough work. I can find no fault in this unit.

@DisseminateJoy on Amazon

Scan All Systems

Scan beyond the typical powertrain & check engine, uncover issues with your vehicle’s specific modules such as ABS, SRS, transmission, parking aids, audio components, windows, doors, tire pressure, and others.
Quickly view any triggered codes and clear them after repairs.

“I was very impressed with how many systems I could scan with the 5410 tool and mostly how easy it was to get connected and get details. The live metrics feature is also extremely helpful to monitor critical systems on a test drive to confirm repairs are working as expected. Clearing codes is also extremely easy. The bluetooth connection allows a full report to be generated on a phone or tablet, perfect for looking through outside of the car to further diagnose any issues or identify service recommendations.”

Customer- Advance Auto Parts

Initialize & Reset Battery

View the procedures for resetting the battery monitor system after installing a new battery and erase your dashboard’s battery light to prevent battery overcharge.

“This isn't the highest tier CarScan model from Innova, but it's certainly handy for checking / clearing trouble codes (including SRS and ABS codes), streaming some live engine data, resetting oil lights, smog and battery check, etc. There's no batteries to replace, it just draws power from the vehicle's 12V system.It has Bluetooth built in for communicating with the Innova RepairSolutions 2 smartphone app which is nice for monitoring live data from your phone while working under the hood.”

 AmazonFan - Amazon

Reset Maintenance / Oil Light

Perform a dealer level reset of the maintenance/oil light by following a set of provided instructions.

“This scan tool has a very user friendly interface and is super easy to use. I was able to pull codes with ease as well as clear a change oil light on my vehicle within seconds”

Marble 13 - O'Reilly’s

Built With Your Comfort In Mind

No need to register - immediately use out of the box. You don't even need batteries. Just plug in and immediately see codes, current I/M status, and emission readiness.

Lightweight design for
single-hand operation

Large responsive soft buttons

Shaped to fit your hand with an easy grip. Just like a firm handshake.

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Compare All Features of our 5000 Series

Features & Functions





Check Engine
Emissions/Smog Check
ABS Brake Codes
View Live Data Stream
Battery/Charging System Test
SRS Airbag Codes
Oil Light Reset
All System Network Scan
BMS/Battery Reset & Initialization
ABS Brake Bleeding
Read TPMS/Tire Pressure
Read Transmission Temperature
OEM Live Data: Engine, Trans, TPMS, ABS, SRS
Bi-Directional System Test
Special Functions, Routines, Calibrations
OBD1 Coverage * *

* The Innova 5000 series are one of Innova's best-selling product lines available at select retail stores, including Amazon. OBD1 coverage is available for 5510 and 5610, but an optional separate cable must be purchased for it.

Confirm Features

Innova 5410's capabilities vary from vehicle to vehicle. To ensure it performs the desired functions on your vehicle, we recommend using the service below for confirmation.  This information is presented to the best of our knowledge, but it is not guaranteed.

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  I use this on my ram promaster 2500 diesel it is very easy to use and if you have a problem e mail support and their service is wonderful.

@Charles E  on Amazon

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 This product is amazing and should be in the hands of every car owner! This scanner does it all you can check why the engine light is on. Battery, brake, oil codes and so much more a complete system check. Through the application you buy the parts you need fast. It’s so easy to operate anyone even a novice can do it.

@Cynthia P on O'Reilly's

Get the Confirmed Fix

RepairSolutions2 analyzes your vehicle's fault data and compares it to our pattern failure database to provide a fix to your issue. So no more wasting time and money by looking up solutions in old forums and swapping parts.

Our fixes were created by local American ASE Master Techs ad verified by peers.

I’ve had a few scanners over the years but this one of my far better than any one I've ever had. It scans codes for every system in the car and can reset airbag service lights. The scanner even founs codes that weren't even showing up in the OBD system yet. Live streaming your system status and the app are added features. I've used this scanner on various makes and models of cars including a Mercedes CLS63 and Maserati Quattroporte S. If you need a complete scanner you can't go wrong with this one.”

@Rod williams
on Amazon

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