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Innova 5610


Innova's Most Advanced Bi-Directional Scanner


Designed & Supported in the USA

Innova Electronics Corporation

Innova's Most Advanced Handheld Scanner

Getting Started with 5610

The Innova 5610 is Innova's most advanced hand-held OBD2 scanner. Enjoy the most advanced features Innova offers such as bi-directional controls and special reset features.

Reset your steering wheel angle or your EPB through our easy-to-follow routines. Perform ABS Bleeds by following the steps provided by our tool.

Key Features

Get access to one of the most advanced OBD2 scanners under $500. Utilize Innova's best in-class database containing fixes for millions of different vehicles.
We do not charge subscription fees, and all updates come free of charge!

Bi-Directional Active Tests

Save time by determining the faulty part, component, or system by commanding it to operate

OEM Live Data

Get responsive Global Engine, ABS, SRS, and Live Data as values or graphs with zero compression

Workshop Tools

Gain access to advanced features such as resets, relearns, routines, calibrations, and reports.

Designed for Mechanics

Designed for the perfect hand fit. Large responsive buttons. Drop-tested 6 feet.

Bi-Directional Active Tests

Customer User Story:

"I also like the Bi-Directional System Test capabilities. In fact, we have one vehicle that is intermittently stalling. I used it on the fuel pump and it saved me several hours of going through the process of elimination and the pain of the returning\exchanging of parts."

OEM Live Data

Get responsive Global Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, and TMPS live data as values or graphs. View multiple graphs of live data at the same time.

Workshop Tools

Get access to professional workshop tools for a deeper-level diagnosis of your vehicle. Perform advanced resets & routines at the click of a button.

Designed for Mechanics

The most innovative all-in-one handheld tool manufactured with mechanics in mind

Large Responsive Buttons

Navigate through the Innova 5610 with 11 easy-to-follow responsive buttons, perfect for the average mechanic.

Snugged & Rugged

This handheld tool is designed to be light-weight and fits perfectly onto your hands. 

Furthermore, it is manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) allowing it to withstand hard impacts. It has been drop-tested at 6ft.

App Compatible

With the purchase of any of our OBD2 tools come free access to our app RepairSolutions2! It is currently the highest rated repair app in the United States.
Simply pair it with Bluetooth. 

Other Great Features

The scanner comes with a lighted DLC cable to help navigate through dark cabins.

Detachable DLC cable that allows the scanner to be carried around.

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