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Thank you for supporting Innova and for being our customer. We hope you enjoy this small token of appreciation from us! Join the event while it lasts!

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How To Enter

We love to see our customers enjoying their purchase. Talk about your Innova product on social media! For every valid submission (max of 10 submissions), you will receive a $20 Innova gift card! Take a picture, video, or write a post. Make sure to:
1) Include the name of the tool (example: Innova 5610)
2) Include the hashtag #innovaauto

How It Works

Once you submit the social link to us, we'll review it and give entries based on submission quality.

Writing-based social share = 1-3 Entries
Image-based social share = 3-5 Entries
Video-based social share = 5-10 Entries*

*To be considered for video entries, the length of video must be at least 15 seconds long.
Note: Once the $10,000 prize budget is reached, any submission thereafter may be invalid. Enter your submission before the prize pool runs out! We'll notify everyone here on this page if the prize pool has been depleted.


The contest will run 1/27/23 to 2/10/23. Winners will be announced 2/17/23.

1st Place Winner = $1000 Innova gift card
2nd Place Winner = $500 Innova gift card
3rd Place Winner = $100 Innova gift card
3 Random Draw Winners = $500 Innova gift card each

Didn't win? Don't worry! Participants will receive a $20 Innova gift card for every valid submission after the contest ends. For example, if you submit 10 valid videos, you can receive up to $200 in Innova gift cards. There will also be 3 random draw winners for $500. So the more entries you have, the higher your chances are at winning!

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Please note: Entries are only valid upon review. Limited to a max of 10 submissions per applicant.
The better the submission, the more entries you may receive.

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Submissions for this content are valid only from 1/27/2023 ~ 2/10/2023. Submissions before or after the said date are invalid. No more than 10 links may be used for submission; anything thereafter may be invalid for contest entry. The validity of your submission depends on our discretion. We may discredit any submissions past the $10,000 event budget. This contest is available only for contiguous U.S. residents (Connected 48 U.S States). This contest cannot be combined with any other contest Innova is running. This contest is not connected with any of our affiliate retail stores. Prizes awarded to the winners of this contest cannot be used at any affiliated retailer stores or any website where Innova products are sold other than through Innova reserves the right to end, modify or discontinue this contest at any time without notice. Innova complies with CCPA rules and does not share your information with anyone. Please visit our terms and condition page for further information regarding our contest rules and company policies.