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It is shown by default and is also checked. Row and content shows all the time. Shows the below data: Professional-level functionality for reading and clearing OBD2 powertrain emission-related fault codes; viewing freeze frame and I/M data; monitoring, graphing, recording and playback of live data, vehicle information, and performs emission readiness testing.

Availability Feature Description
$01 - Live Data View Live Data for Powertrain (OBD2)
$01 - Graph Live Data View Graph Live Data
$01 - I/M Monitors Status View monitor relate to emission for Gasoline and Diesel engine
Trip Cycle Procedure View procedure that the vehicle is driven in such a way that all the required “Enabling Criteria” for the Monitor to run and complete its diagnostic testing are met.
$02 - Freeze Frame View the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.
DTC Severity Quickly identify if vehicle needs an immediate fix for 3 levels.
$03 - Read DTC Read current Diagnostic trouble code for powertrain.
$04 - Erase DTC Erase Diagnostic trouble code for powertrain.
$05 - O2S Results View Oxygen Sensor Monitoring Test Results
$06 - Non-continuous Test Results View On-Board Monitoring Test Results for Specific Monitored Systems
$07 - Pending DTCs Read pending Diagnostic trouble code for powertrain.
$08 - EVAP Control of On-Board System, Test or Component
$09 - Vehicle Information Read Vehicle Information (VIN, CAL ID, CVN, IPT)
$0A - Permanent DTC Read permanent Diagnostic trouble code for powertrain.