Understand and resolve car issues on your own. 

Shift from uncertainty to understanding.
Pinpoint issues. Repair your vehicle with less headache.

Free Updates
No gimmicks or hoops to jump through.Simply plug-in for free updates.

We offer a 1-year warranty with proof of purchase from authorized dealers.


Real Support
Contact us via live chat or phone. Our US support team is ready to assist.

USA Company
We are an US company founded in 1990 and located in Irvine, California.

Diagnostics & special functions.

Engine, ABS, Airbag

Read and clear check engine, ABS, and SRS codes. Includes transmission codes if they trigger the check engine light.

Live data

Monitor engine performance in real time under various driving conditions to help narrow down or pinpoint issues.

All 10 OBD modes

Get all OBD mode to assist in your diagnosis such as freeze frame data and Mode 6.

Oil Light Reset

Easily reset your vehicle's oil light from the comfort of your home with just the push of a button using our OBD2 scanner.

Battery / Alternator Test

Tests the performance of your starter and overall electrical system, quickly diagnosing any potential issues.

Oil Level / Oil Life Status

Monitor the current oil condition and level, ensuring your engine runs smoothly and efficiently

Complete repairs with less hassle.

See how Innova can help you repair your vehicle.
App supports English & Spanish.

Verified Fixes
Save time and eliminate guesswork with Master Tech verified repairs for your specific issue.

Pre & Post Repair Scan Comparisons
Save unlimited scans from unlimited vehicles to your phone. So you can easily compare scan data before your repair and scan data after the repair.

Best OBD2 Scanner Repair App

Validate Repairs
Save time with steps on completing your drive cycle and the progression of its completion.

Future Issue Awareness
Get potential upcoming vehicle part failures, recommended maintenance items for your vehicle, and service guides that only dealerships get.

Free and optional premium app.
View your scan data using the larger and interactive screen of your phone or tablet. 
90% of users say they found the fix useful in repairing their vehicle.

Innova does not sell user information.

Built with your comfort in mind.

See how Innova built our scan tools to be user friendly and reliable.

Useable out of Box

No need to register product and no need to install batteries or charge, turns on when plugged into vehicle.

Easily Visible Screen

Screen is large, bright, and backlit with large text.

Single Handed Use

Built to be convienent to use with one hand with large soft buttons and a shape that fits your hand with an easy grip.

Verified Vehicle Compatibility

Side by side scanner comparison.

Features & Functions





Check Engine
Emissions/Smog Check
ABS Brake Codes
View Live Data Stream
Battery/Charging System Test
SRS Airbag Codes
Oil Light Reset
All System Network Scan
BMS/Battery Reset & Initialization
ABS Brake Bleeding
Read TPMS/Tire Pressure
Read Transmission Temperature
OEM Live Data: Engine, Trans, TPMS, ABS, SRS
Bi-Directional System Test
Special Functions, Routines, Calibrations
OBD1 Coverage * *

* The Innova 5000 series are one of Innova's best-selling product lines available at select retail stores, including Amazon. OBD1 coverage is available for 5510 and 5610, but an optional separate cable must be purchased for it.

Over 5,000,000 diagnostic scanners sold.

“Simple to operate and automatically reads codes as soon as it is plugged

“Simple to operate and automatically reads codes as soon as it is plugged in.”

“It's worth the investment if you work on cars more than the average

“It's worth the investment if you work on cars more than the average person.”

“The kind of OBD-II scanner that can make any amateur mechanic feel like a professional”

“Despite the cost, it's a valuable investment for those extensively involved in car maintenance.”


Do I have to use the app?
No the app is optional.  You may use the handheld by itself.

Do you charge for updates? 
Updates are free.  And there are no subscriptions.

How much is the app?
The app is free and there are no hidden fees or subscriptions. In-app purchases are optional.

Does this work outside of the USA?
Innova scanners are made for vehicles sold in the US and Canada. The app will also only work for current US or Canada residents.

Does this work on 2023 or 2024 vehicles?
The scanner currently supports vehicles from 1996 through 2022, with updates for 2023 models in progress. Once the update is available it will provided for free.

Do you support FCA vehicles?
The tool is incompatible with vehicles needing FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) gateway access for advanced diagnostics, such as 2018+ Jeep, Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Alfa Romeo. It will work on FCA vehicles up 2017.

Can this reprogram vehicle computers?
No. It also does not support key fob programming.

Will this work on vehicles that cannot start or crank?
No. OBD2 scanners need a vehicle that can start or crank, as they operate by communicating with the vehicle's Electronic Control Units (ECUs). If the vehicle can't start, the scanner won't be able to establish communication with the ECU and the scanner will not work. So your vehicle must be able to start or crank to use any obd2 scanner.

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