Tool Trade-In Program

Do you own an Innova scan tool that is several years old?
You may be eligible for a huge discount by trading in your old tool!

See If I Qualify

If you own any of the tools listed below, you may be eligible for an upgrade

IMPORTANT: If your tool has a RS in front of the part number, that means your tool is NOT eligible.
If your tool has other letters in front (such as a, b, d, etc.), that means your tools IS eligible.
If you have doubts, please contact our customer support.*

Innova 3020Innova 3030Innova 3010
Innova 3100Innova 3120Innova 3130
Innova 3140Innova 3150Innova 3160
Innova 3211Innova 3211aInnova 3211b

This program currently only applies to U.S. residents. If you do not reside in the U.S., unfortunately you are not eligible.
This program can only be applied once per customer.

Upgrade to Our Latest Tools Below

At a steep discount!

Innova 5610

Our most advanced bidirectional scanner capable of performing advanced repairs.

Innova 5410

Our mid-level scanner capable of all system scan and more.

Innova 5210

Our most popular entry-level scanner capable of ABS & live data.

Innova 1000

Our advanced dongle with the same features as the Innova 5410.

Start Applying Now

Complete the application below and we'll tell you whether your tool is eligible for a trade-in.
If it is, we'll send you a confirmation email as well as the correct address to send the product.

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*Innova is not responsible for any missing or lost shipments. Please read the instructions thoroughly before sending in your product. If your product is not eligible for our program, Innova is not responsible for sending back your product.