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Where Does Innova Get Its OEM Vehicle Data?

By Joseph Kim
Published on April 24th, 2024

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Innova contracts its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicle data legally and directly from the manufacturers themselves – straight from the horse’s mouth.

So you can rest assured and enjoy our products knowing that it’s safe and reliable.

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How It Works

When OEMs release new vehicles to the public every year, they’re also required to release diagnostic information related to those new vehicles. After all, new vehicles come with new computers and new computers mean variations in diagnostic procedures.

That said, OEMs don’t release this information for free. It’s usually reserved for their own dealership scanners should any problems occur for their newly released vehicles.

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For aftermarket diagnostic companies like Innova, however, we have to pay hefty fees to obtain such information. A lot of diagnostic companies choose to bypass this fee and steal information, which can lead to various risks, such as your scanner getting bricked.

Innova goes through the legal route and therefore, there are no risks of using our scanners. We are a proud American company that encourages fair play.

OEM Data Processing

Once we receive diagnostic information from the OEMs, we then have nearly one hundred engineers dissect and verify them before implementing such data into our scanners. We don’t just provide thousands of features, but we also provide ASE-verified fixes for the DTC of your vehicle’s specific year, make, and model.

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This takes a tremendous engineering effort on our end. Yet, we still choose to do so every year as it is the most reliable method to provide accurate diagnostic information for customers like you.

We value our users and strive to deliver the diagnostic information our customers love.

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Risks of Using Stolen OEM Data

As mentioned previously, if you choose to use scanners that steal OEM data, you run the risk of having your scanner bricked at any given time. Furthermore, since it wasn’t retrieved legally, the supplier may be sued and close down, causing support for your scanner to be obsolete.

There have been multiple instances where DIYers bought a random tool online. Then, the device was rendered incapable of any type of scanning after just a year or two.

When purchasing a scanner, remember to always research how they obtain their OEM data. If they legally contracted OEM data, you’d usually see them outright tell people.


Before purchasing an OBD2 scanner, we highly encourage that you research and use an OBD2 scanner that legally obtains original data directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Fixing and maintaining your vehicle can turn into a huge financial burden if done wrong. That's why it's so important to have the the best diagnostic information readily available, which varies depending on the type of scanner you purchase.

If you're looking for a reliable diagnostic scanner, take a look at our best-selling OBD2 scanner - the Innova 5610. Join millions of satisfied DIYers who love the tool.

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