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Tablets Designed for Pro Techs

Delivers Unmatched Powertrain Diagnostics

 Ideal for pro automotive repair use

 Powered by RepairSolutionsPRO™: 
      Get fixes. Get repair tips. Share reports.

 Expedites your OBD2 and OEM Diagnostic Routines

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 Ideal for pro automotive repair use

 Powered by RepairSolutionsPRO™: 
      Get fixes.
      Get repair tips.
      Share reports.

 Expedites your OBD2 and OEM Diagnostic Routines

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Smart Diagnostic System (SDS) Tablets

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     [The Innova tablet tool] literally walks you through everything, the steps are right there in front of you.

@Ken Farley, Ken’s Kar Kare
in Fowler, Mich

3 Distinct Diagnostic Tablet Scan Tool Products

For The Busy Auto Repair Shop Professional

SDS43 SDS-Inspector

The ideal pro diagnostic tablet for entry-level techs and budget-conscious automotive repair students who demand speed, accuracy and proven reliability. This shop-tested tablet has fast boot times with access to the info that matters most.

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Comprehensive Diagnostics

Read and clear OBD2 fault codes, perform advanced OEM diagnostics, retrieve and clear manufacturer codes, and see pre- and post-diagnostic reports with side-by-side comparison before and after repairs (ideal for collision shops).

and Ergonomic

4.3" display, durable rubber guard, drop-tested durability and one-handed ergonomic design with an adjustable hand strap for optimal diagnosing comfort.

Essential Service Functions

Includes workshop tools with 12 of the most popular resets, relearns, calibrations and vehicle inspections; including: battery reset, EPB reset, oil maintenance reset, TPMS relearn, ABS bleeding, transmission reset, and much more.

SDS50 SDS-Tech

It's the all-in-one OBD2 diagnostics tablet, with powerful OEM diagnostics, designed for the repair shop technician seeking lightning-fast powertrain solutions.

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By Techs,
For Techs

Its technician-designed interface (with a 5" touchscreen) focuses on speed and effortless navigation through Innova's patented software featuring OEM-licensed data and robust OBD2 diagnostics. 

Advanced Functions Included

The tablet is equipped with bi-directional active tests and special functions to access Engine Powertrain and Transmission control modules for the top seven vehicle brands (Ford, GM, Toyota, Fiat/Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai/Kia).

Dealership Diagnostics Built-in

The built-in workshop tools offer access to 16 of the most popular resets, relearns, routines, calibrations and vehicle inspections, such as oil maintenance reset, battery reset, EPB reset, TPMS relearn, ABS bleeding, transmission reset, and much more.

7111 Smart Diagnostic System (SDS)

Our flagship, and award-winning, professional scan tool tablet (with a 7-inch touchscreen) contains every feature needed to tackle any tough diagnostic challenge and perform routine vehicle maintenance services.

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And Improved*

We listened...and we completely revamped the tablet to improve its link time by 50%, overhauled its user interface so techs can quickly access OBD2 and OEM diagnostics functions, added our embedded RepairSolutionsPRO™ service, and gave it other extra optimized features and functions to help technicians diagnose and service more vehicles in record time.

Updated OEM

Its new OEM diagnostic functions allow instant access to vehicle systems with the ability to select a system such as adaptive cruise control or ABS for further diagnostics. Also view, graph, record, playback data for engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and TPMS.

Expanded Diagnostic Routines

Workshop tools was expanded to offer easy access to more than 30 of the most essential dealership-level bi-directional controls, routines, self-tests and calibrations used daily such as ABS bleeding, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) reset, injector coding, maintenance reset, and much more.

* For current 7111 owners, a simple firmware and software update provides all these great features at no extra charge.

We've included just the right features 

for every working automotive repair shop professional



Tablet Screen Size 4.3" 5
7" Touch-
Keypad Buttons (For Navigation) 7 buttons N/A N/A
Tablet Connectivity (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth®) Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi + BT
View & Graph Live Data
OBD2 Diagnostics (Modes $01 to $0A)
All System Scan
ABS Coverage
ABS Brake Bleeding
SRS Coverage
Readiness Monitors Definitions
Emissions Readiness LEDs
Code Severity and Code Priority Alerts
Bi-Directional Active Tests (most popular)
Enhanced Engine Transmission Codes
Trip Cycle Procedures
Hybrid / EV battery health check (Reads Hybrid Battery Cells Voltage)
Battery / Alternator / Charging System Test
Service Check (Transmission Temp., Oil Level, Oil Life, Brake Pad Life, Engine Coolant Level)
Workshop Tools (Dealer Level Service Routines) 12 Services 16 Services 34 Services
DLC Locator on Tool
DTC Code Lookup Library
Verified DTC Fix with
Parts,Repair Tips,
Technical Service
Bulletins (TSBs),
NHTSA Recalls, Scheduled Maintenance,
and Predicted
Avail w/ RSPRO App
Diagnostic Reports
Avail w/ RSPRO App
Diagnostic Reports
Embedded in Tool
Diagnostic Reports
Free Software Updates
Detachable / Remote VCI Connection via Bluetooth®
Free Software Updates INNOVA Embedded* INNOVA Embedded* Android

* Our INNOVA Embedded software delivers instant boot times and blazing fast data retrieval.
** free RepairSolutionsPRO companion app for pro tech and shop use (not to be confused with the RepairSolutions2 app, which is ideal for DIY use)

Confirm Features

Innova SDS Tablet capabilities vary from vehicle to vehicle. To ensure it performs the desired functions on your vehicle, we recommend using the service below for confirmation.  This information is presented to the best of our knowledge, but it is not guaranteed.

The Innova Pro Difference

US-Based Customer Support

US-Based, English and Spanish-speaking techs are ready to answer your questions or assist you with product issues through phone, chat, or email.

Regular Free Updates

Unlike competitors, we provide free updates for professional diagnostics on the latest vehicles.

Built for Americans by Americans

We're America's last OBD2 handheld diagnostic company. 30 years in the business and still building automotive diagnostic products made to last. Irvine, CA.

By Techs, For Techs

Our techs have created the SDS line to simplify every technician's diagnostic routine. We offer diagnostic information, service and maintenance solutions.

We're on a mission to revolutionize how technicians, and auto repair shops, diagnose vehicles and communicate with their customers. 

What Our Pro Customers Say!


 It will continue to be the shop’s go-to scan tool of choice.

@Automotive repair shop owner

What Our Clients Say!


  ...I did get all the TSB's, recalls, etc via the app! Which resulted to me doing some preventative maintenance to head off a potential transmission issue that could arise. If you're handy, this device can, and likely will, save you a ton of money in reduced maintenanced costs. For me it's a must have. Wish I would've bought one sooner!

@Jason Welker
on Amazon

What Our Clients Say!


The Innova 5610 is a great tool at this price point. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive OBD scanners but it is a great asset to the seasoned DYI and even the professional automobile enthusiast. Sure there are OBD scanners out there with more functionality but that also comes with a price. For what the Innova 5610 does for it's price, combined with a lifetime of free updates, the Repair Solutions 2 database resource, and unparalled customer support, I am more than pleased with this scanner.

This scanner actually paid for itself within the first week of using it. Go to a car dealer and see what they charge you to just read and diagnose ABS and SRS codes and you will understand your potential savings. I like repairing my own vehicles, my families vehicles and my friends vehicles. This scanner is as valuable to me as my floor jack and jack stands and is a great asset to any mechanics tool box.

@Kevin Manoni
on Amazon

Innova’s RepairSolutionsPRO™ (RSPRO) is a web-based service created to help professional technicians simplify and augment their vehicle diagnostic process.

   Get A Second Opinion

Every SDS tablet includes premium access to Innova’s knowledgebase, featuring more than 100 million vehicle fixes verified for accuracy by ASE Certified master technicians. It's like getting a second opinion to help you accurately diagnose and repair more vehicles.

   Tailored Solutions Expedite Diagnostics

Whether on the tablet, or on the app, RSPRO adds value to every scan with Verified Fixes, Repair Tips, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), Parts/Tools, Scheduled Maintenance, and Predictive Repairs – all driven to help you better assess and arrive at an accurate solution.

   Generate Value Add Reports

RSPRO enables the pro user to generate three different types of reports, including: 1) Diagnostic Report focused on helping the tech solve the problem, 2) Collision Industry Report and 3) Service Writer / Service Manager Customer facing report to help upsell maintenance, obtain authorization and provide collision shops with pre- and post-scan capabilities.

Finding Fixes Has Never Been Easier

Seamlessly switch between your devices to maximize efficiency and access your reports anytime, anywhere.

Finding Fixes Has Never Been Easier

Seamlessly switch between your devices to maximize efficiency and access your reports anytime, anywhere.

Finding Fixes Has Never Been Easier

Seamlessly switch between your devices to maximize efficiency and access your reports anytime, anywhere.

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