Tool Upgrade Program

Get Amazon credit for our most advanced OBD2 scanner - the Innova 5610

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Super simple process - takes less than 3 minutes.

3 Easy Steps To Upgrade Your Tool

UPDATE: No trade-in necessary! Simply confirm your eligiblity and get a discount code.


See if your tool is eligible

First, use the chart below to confirm that you own a tool eligible for an upgrade.


Send in your application

Once you confirmed that your tool is eligible for an upgrade, please continue scrolling down and submit your application. We do require a photo of your tool.


Receive your Amazon credit

Once your application is submitted, please wait up to 24 hours. If your tool is eligible, we'll send you a 30% Amazon discount link for the Innova 5610 directly to your email.

Eligible Scanners*

Innova 3010Innova 3011Innova 3013
Innova 3020Innova 3030Innova 3040
Innova 3100Innova 3120Innova 3130
Innova 3140Innova 3150Innova 3160
Innova 3170Innova 3215Innova 5100
Innova 5160Innova 5300Innova 6000
Innova 6030Innova 6100Innova 6200
Innova 31003Innova 31403Innova 31603
Innova 31703All Craftsman scanners

*This program currently only applies to U.S. residents. If you do not reside in the U.S., unfortunately you are not eligible.
This program can only be applied once per customer.

*Please note that this is a tool upgrade program - perfect for people who want the latest and greatest.
If you're simply looking to update your firmware, please click here.
Older tools may not be eligible for a firmware update.

Why The Innova 5610?

Designed with your comfort in mind, our product is hassle-free. There's no need to register; you can use it straight out of the box. Plus, it doesn't require any batteries or charging. It conveniently turns on when plugged into your vehicle, allowing you to retrieve codes and IM status within seconds.

Gain access to a variety of advanced features such as OEM live data, bidirectional tests, and special functions like calibrations.

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*Innova is not responsible for any missing or lost shipments. Please read the instructions thoroughly before sending in your product. If your product is not eligible for our program, Innova is not responsible for sending back your product.