Best ABS Bleed Scan Tools from Innova for 2023

Published: 5/8/23

Innova offers several scan tools with ABS brake bleed. These tools work on vehicles sold in the US since 1996 and are updated to handle 2022 vehicles and offer an inuitive, step-by-step process for safe brake bleeding without requiring a kit.

If your brakes seem weak, impacting brake safety and performance, and you're handy, it's best to repair it yourself to save time and money, since it's a fairly short procedure for most vehicles.

We recognize that selecting the right tool for the task may be difficult. Please keep in mind that even if a tool contains a function you're searching for, the vehicle may not support it. There are no OBD2 tools that function on 100% of vehicles on the road. We realize how inconvenient this may be, so we developed the Innova Coverage Checker to assist you in identifying the particular features that will work on your vehicle.

Below are some of our best tools for ABS Brake Bleeds:

Innova 5610
This is Innova's best-selling product with ABS Bleed, offering over 1000 bidirectional active tests, 500+ special functions, OEM live data for ABS Transmission and more, as well as EPB.
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Innova 5510
This is one step down from the 5610 however, it also has ABS bleed and EPB.
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If you're not sure which tool is a better fit.
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How our tools do ABS Bleed

Here is a step by step guide of how to use the ABS Bleeding function on the 5610. We also have similar documents for all of our products.
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Innova Coverage Checker

As mentioned above, although tools are able to perform a feature, they are not able to perform that feature on 100% of all cars on the road. By using the button below, you are able to select your Year Make Model and confirm if our tool is able to bleed your vehicle.

To find if it can bleed your vehicle. 

  • Select your tool - by default it will select 5610
  • Select your vehicle and submit
  • Click Service Reset tab, and halfway down you will see ABS Bleeding
  • Confirm it is checked for your vehicle
View Coverage Checker

Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison chart of the tools above.

Features & Functions

Check Engine
Emissions/Smog Check
ABS Brake Codes
View Live Data Stream
Battery/Charging System Test
SRS Airbag Codes
Oil Light Reset
All System Network Scan
BMS/Battery Reset & Initialization
ABS Brake Bleeding
Read TPMS/Tire Pressure
Read Transmission Temperature
OEM Live Data: Engine, Trans, TPMS, ABS, SRS
Bi-Directional System Test
Special Functions, Routines, Calibrations
OBD1 Coverage * *

* The Innova 5000 series are one of Innova's best-selling product lines available at select retail stores, including Amazon. OBD1 coverage is available for 5510 and 5610, but an optional separate cable must be purchased for it.


All products sold by Innova, including those through retailers or Amazon are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Trade Up Program

If you've had your tool for a long time and it's growing old. Innova will make it tradeable. Customers will be able to return it to us for the latest version tools for a steep discount.

The Innova Difference 

An American Company
We are a proudly small family owned American business headquartered in Irvine, California. Our products are designed in the United States by Americans for Americans. Master Automotive Technicians poured their blood, sweat, and tears to bring you the best tools.

We exclusively hire local Americans to serve as in-house customer support representatives. So if you have an issue that they can't solve, they can go down the hall and speak to an engineer.

Easy to Use & Extremely Fast
Innova's tools are known to be easy to use.  Its the #1 used phrase in our reviews.  They are plug and play devices, no need to register, just open the box and plug it into your vehicle and immediately dive into advanced functions.

There's no need to pair or wait for the unit to power up.  Our advanced handhelds load up just as fast as the smaller affordable ones.
Regular Free Updates
We provide annual free updates so you get OEM functionality on all supported vehicles up to last year.  There are no subscriptions or registration needed.

Save Unlimited Vehicle Scans
Save every scan into our free optional app RepairSolutions2 for you to review anytime and anyplace.  

Wide & Deep Coverage
Although the feature set of our product isn't comparable with $1000+ tablets, it also doesn't have their limitations such as ongoing subscriptions, limited saving space, and limited Vehicle Make space.  

There's no need to juggle between makes, its all baked in so you can use a wide variety of vehicles without needing to download a profile of a new vehicle you've never scanned before.  Just plug and go vehicle to vehicle.

Our goal is to create a scan tool that cuts diagnostic time so you can spend more time doing more important things.

DIY Support

Our products are very well supported from live customer service to DIY support.  

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