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Industry Leader of Diagnostic Tools & Reporting for the Automotive Aftermarket.

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Innova is the #1 Industry Leader of Diagnostic Tools &
Reporting for Automotive Aftermarket.

Innova is the #1 Industry Leader

of Diagnostic Tools & Reporting for Automotive Aftermarket.

The Innova Difference

Why Choose Innova?

  • Unmatched Expertise: We're pioneers in OBD2 diagnostics, with over 30 years of experience and a wealth of diagnostic data no other company can match.

  • Proven Solutions: Our tools tap into over 100 million verified fixes for most vehicle makes and models, providing you with reliable solutions.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team includes world-class ASE Master Technicians, dedicated to making diagnostics easier for you.

30 Years

of Innovation in Car Diagnostic Tools and Data

110 Patents

in Automotive Diagnostics Innovation

5 Million+

Trusted & Loved by Mechanics & DIYers

R&D Engineering

Driven by R&D, purposely engineered for 30 years and counting. Every one of our diagnostic scanners begins at our in-house lab and testing facilities in Irvine, California.

We design and rigorously test every aspect of our diagnostic scanners, ensuring unmatched accuracy and reliability, meeting our customers' precise needs.

R&D Hours


Test Hours




Reliability and Precision by ASE Master Techs

In the past 30 years, Innova’s team of factory-trained ASE Certified Master Techs revolutionized automotive diagnostics. With a combined 100+ years of hands-on experience, our team of factory-trained ASE Master Technicians help directly shape the development of our cutting-edge scanners.

Every Innova scanner is meticulously designed based on real-world application, drawn from extensive testing and research on over 650 million vehicles spanning the last 30 years. Our factory-trained ASE Master Techs are deeply involved in every phase – designing, testing, and refining each feature – to ensure unparalleled reliability and precision.

What does it mean to be ASE-Certified?

To be ASE Certified means a dedication towards maintaining high standards of automotive service and repair through skilled and knowledgeable workmanship. It is proof of having the knowledge, acumen, and experience to handle even the most complex vehicle repair and maintenance tasks.

Thanks to the official recognition from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), Innova’s ASE Certified technicians are proven to have a high level of expertise in the auto industry. They've passed rigorous examinations and completed the necessary hands-on training to meet the required professional standards.

Innova is recognized by ASE as Blue Seal of Excellence Business

This distinction is awarded to research and engineering firms, diagnostic assistance services, and other organizations that demonstrate a commitment to excellence by ensuring at least 75% of professionals performing functions related to support are ASE Certified.

Why it matters

Our ASE-backed Master Technicians conduct rigorous research to understand the intricacies of vehicle repair. Unlike foreign scanners that rely on stolen data, Innova legally contracts original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data from automotive manufacturers like Ford, Toyota and Chrysler.

Innova takes pride in being an American company that develops products by technicians for technicians. We continuously optimize our scanners to provide the most accurate and comprehensive diagnostics in the industry.

Years of Innovation
Years of
Vehicles Scanned
Verified Fixes

Award Winning

Innova Electronics isn't just a no-name brand. We're nationally acclaimed throughout North America, with over 30+ awards won within the automotive industry.

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The story of how Innova started

Innova was founded by two brilliant minds with the same mission.
Our story starts 30+ years ago... Strap in.

Before Innova® was established, we were originally known as Equus®, which was founded in 1982.

Equus was one of the founding pioneers in test equipment and gauges.
Certified by FMC Defense as a NATO Alliance supplier of military replacement gauges.
Innova Electronics Corporation was established for research and development. Yeww! 🎉

"During 1990, I realized that we needed a company that exclusively focuses on automotive diagnostics and research, which is why I founded Innova. Together with the help of some ASE Master Techs, we were able to compile one of the nation's largest diagnostic database."

Ieon Chen, CEO of Equus and Innova Electronics

The year where Equus/Innova boasts employment of all ASE Certified technicians.

This helped establish Equus and Innova as an automotive research & development powerhouse in the United States.

The start of creating a fix database for automotive diagnostics

In 1999, the company began discussing ideas on how to create a fix database for the perfect solution for auto diagnostic needs.

Then, between 1999-2000 we began the compilation of the database. Due to lack of technology and resources at the time, many of its data was created via "paper and pencil."

Innova earns ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard recognized for quality management. It assists organizations across all sizes and sectors in enhancing performance, fulfilling customer expectations, and showcasing their dedication to quality.

Some well-known companies that use and are ISO 9001 certified include: Microsoft, IBM, Samsung Electronics, Pfizer, and Coca-Cola.

It's also the year we launched our first OBD2 scanner - Innova 3100
Fix Logic was created

Fix Logic is the database that powered four automotive powerhouse brands - FixDB, CarMD, CanOBD2, and OBDFix. This Fix Logic was created by Keith Andreasen (a Master ASE tech) and further developed by Metafuse.

FixDB® was established and launched

FixDB (Fix Database) was integral to the distribution of repair solutions, ensuring that detailed fixes were consistently delivered to the OBDFix, CanOBD2, and CarMD websites. This centralized database maintained a comprehensive and up-to-date repository of repair information, making it easily accessible across these platforms.

CanOBD2® was established and launched

CanOBD2 is a comprehensive website developed by Metafuse in 2005, dedicated to serving the DIY automotive community. It empowers users to diagnose and troubleshoot a wide range of vehicle issues using advanced OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) technology. Designed for both professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts, CanOBD2 offers real-time data, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), and detailed descriptions of problems. This user-friendly platform enables anyone to quickly pinpoint and resolve automotive issues, making car repairs more accessible and manageable for everyone.

OBDFix® was established and launched

OBDFix.com served as a professional platform where automotive technicians could exchange detailed fixes, share practical tips, and provide comprehensive service information. This community-driven site allowed techs to support each other by sharing their expertise and real-world solutions to various automotive issues. By facilitating this exchange of knowledge, OBDFix.com helped validate and grow our database of fixes, ensuring that the information remained accurate and up-to-date while continually expanding the repository of repair solutions.

Innova launches its 1st RepairSolutions® program by CD

In 2006, Innova revolutionized the automotive repair industry with the launch of the 3100c, the first repair solutions system introduced via CD. This innovative approach, unprecedented among competitors, marked the beginning of what would evolve into the RS2 system we know today.

CarMD® was established and launched

CarMD.com Corporation was launched to empower consumers by providing them with tools and information to make better-educated decisions about their vehicle’s health. The brainchild of long-time automotive aftermarket visionary Ieon C. Chen, the company aimed to offer a consumer-friendly solution for diagnosing their car’s check engine light. CarMD makes it as easy for consumers to identify and understand vehicle issues as it is to fill their gas tank, enabling them to make informed decisions about necessary repairs and maintenance.

Expanded Master Tech committee throughout Orange County

In 2009, we expanded our Master Tech Committee, Data Acquisition, and Beta Testing facilities throughout Orange County. These teams played a crucial role in developing innovative solutions and conducting thorough field testing to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of our products. Their expertise and real-world testing were instrumental in refining our diagnostic tools and repair databases.

In fact, some of these dedicated technicians still contribute valuable fixes and insights today, helping to uphold our high standards and drive the continuous improvement of our products.

🚀 RepairSolutions App Launch
RepairSolutions launched as a mobile app

At this point, Innova now owned over 80% of the retail space when it came to OBD2 diagnostic scanners. People love our diagnostic data!

Which is why Innova created a repair app as the world moved into a digital age.

CarMD wins Edison Award

"The Edison Awards™ is among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation."

Innova moves its headquarters to Irvine, California.

Did you know? Our headquarters is over 100,000 sq. ft. large! We handle all logistics and shipping at our warehouse.

The building was also personally designed by our very own CEO - Ieon Chen.

The Innova 3100 reaches 1 million products sold!

By 2013, we sold more OBD2 scanners than any other diagnostic company in the United States. How exciting is that?

🚀 RepairSolutions2 App Upgrade
Innova accumulates over 100 million vehicle scans! A HUGE thank you to all our users.

We're truly thankful for everyone who trusts and loves our products. Our R&D department continues to do its best to provide you the most accurate and useful dianostic data.

The launch of our latest 5xxx series, including our best-seller - the Innova 5610
Innova continues to perform state-of-the-art research and development for everything related to automotive diagnostics.

"Innova represents our chance to create a thriving enterprise grounded in our passion for automotive innovation. It offers us a window into the diverse challenges faced by mechanics and DIY enthusiasts in the automotive industry. These insights are opportunities for us to devise solutions that will define our future. Currently, our mission is straightforward: to build an exceptional business that ensures success not only for ourselves but for our customers and the broader automotive community as well."

Ieon Chen, CEO of Equus and Innova Electronics

Environmental Friendly

At INNOVA, we recognize the importance of understanding the economic and environmental issues that face drivers today. Our OBD2 products diagnose issues that lead to excess emission output before the problem begins.

All our facilities have been designed with optimum energy efficiency in mind; decreasing overall energy consumption by 25% in 2012. Additionally, we have dedicated teams around the globe committed to discovering new and innovative ways to ensure automobile efficiency.

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