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How to Reset the Oil Change Light

By Joe Ballard
Published on April 18th, 2024

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The oil change light (also known as a maintenance light) is a reminder that your vehicle is due for an oil change service. If this dashboard light comes on, there is no need to panic, as it merely indicates that you have reached the time or mileage limit that was set the last time the oil was changed. Usually, this is based on the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation.

How to Reset the Oil Change Light

This article will provide a step-by-step overview of how to reset the oil change light and a specific example of resetting the service interval after the service has been performed.

Why Did My Dashboard Oil Change Light Come On?

First, it is important to note that the oil change light is a service light. It does not indicate that there are other more serious issues, such as low oil pressure or low oil due to a leak. For these issues, your vehicle has an oil warning light that will come on. If the oil warning light comes on, you need to take immediate action because there is a problem with the engine oil that may cause severe damage.

You mustn't ignore this warning light because you could be in for an expensive repair if you do. Both lights work together to help you maintain your vehicle. The oil change light helps you with preventative maintenance, while the oil warning light provides an immediate warning of an issue that needs attention. I will go into more detail on the oil warning light in a different article. For now, let’s focus on the oil change light to understand better what it is and why it is important not to ignore it.

oil maintenance light reset

Your engine oil serves multiple purposes to ensure your vehicle operates properly. These purposes include lubricating all internal engine components and reducing friction of internal moving parts to minimize wear and tear and extend the engine's life. The engine oil also reduces corrosion by capturing and neutralizing harmful chemicals and reducing deposits using special detergents added to the oil.

Now, you can see why keeping up with your oil changes is important to preventing issues over the life of your vehicle. If you are diligent about maintaining an oil change schedule, you will reap the rewards of extended engine life and efficiency which translates into lower fuel costs.

For most vehicles, resetting the oil change light is a simple process that most DIYers can do. If you have an OBD2 scanner, you can use it to reset your oil change light. The Innova 5210 and above have the capability to reset the oil change light easily.

Sometimes, using an OBD2 scanner to reset your oil change light is a good choice to avoid the manual step-by-step reset procedure or if, for some reason, the light stays on after you have performed the manual reset procedure.

Let’s take a look at a typical reset procedure so that you get a better understanding of what is involved.

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The Manual Way

For most vehicles, the manual step-by-step reset procedure is very straightforward:

  • Turn the key to the “Accessory” position (if you have a push start button, press it once).
  • Ensure the odometer display is total mileage driven, not trip miles driven.
  • Follow the reset procedure that is provided in your owner's manual. The procedure will usually include using a physical reset button, selecting reset on the driver information display, or, in some cases, stepping down on the gas pedal three times within ten seconds.
  • Repeat the procedure if the light is still on after you reset it. If that doesn’t work, you can try using an OBD2 scanner to reset it or take it to an oil change center and ask a professional to walk you through the reset procedure.
  • Every vehicle’s procedure for resetting the oil change light is slightly different. The best way to identify the correct procedure for your vehicle is to refer to the owner's manual or search for it on the Web. Or, you can simply use an OBD2 scanner (more to follow).
  • Note: Resetting the oil change light will start a preset time and milage counter based on the manufacturer's recommendation. To change this preset limit, see the instructions for changing the service interval in the next section.
resetting oil light manually

Using an OBD2 Scanner

Using an OBD2 scanner can save you all the headache above. For certain vehicles, our OBD2 scanners are able to reset the oil maintenance light with just a few button clicks.

That’s right. No going through manuals. No searching through the internet. Just a few button clicks.

resetting oil light using an obd2 scanner

If you'd like to see a few examples of how an OBD2 scanner can easily reset your oil light, check out this 2018 Audi Q3 oil reset article.

Resetting Service Interval

After resetting the oil change light, you can also reset the service interval. The purpose is to set the time and mileage for the next service. Using my Hyundai Ioniq as an example, here is the procedure that I would follow:

  • Turn the ignition ON (start the engine) and observe the “Service required” message on the display; press the OK button located on the steering wheel for more than 1 second.
  • At this point, the service interval will be reset to default settings based on Hyundai’s recommendations. However, to set up a specific time or mileage interval, you must activate and set the service interval feature by accessing the SERVICE INTERVAL menu.
  • To access the SERVICE INTERVAL menu, repeatedly press the MODE button on the steering wheel until you get to USER SETTINGS.
  • Now, scroll down and select SERVICE INTERVAL.
  • Press the OK button to access the menu.
  • You can activate the service interval function on this menu. Once the service interval menu is activated, you may adjust the time and distance to a specific interval using the directional keypad.
  • Turn the ignition OFF, restart the engine to verify that the service required message is no longer displayed, and you are done!


Maintaining a proper oil change schedule is important to engine health. Paying attention to the service intervals the manufacturer recommends will ensure you enjoy many miles of carefree driving.

oil change for vehicles

Getting the oil changed or doing it yourself is easy, but it is important always to remember to reset the oil change service light to maintain a regular schedule to ensure you stay within the right amount of time between oil changes.

Innova's mission is to make diagnostics easier for DIYers and mechanics alike. If you have questions, we encourage you to visit our community page or contact us! We are always looking for ways to improve your experience.

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