Check Engine Light on? Find out what it means from home.

Check engine light on? Did you know your car wants you to know what's wrong with it?  This article will cover how you can get that information from your car and if it needs a repair ASAP or if it can wait.

All from the comfort of home.

    Step 1

    The first thing to know is that the car wants you know what's wrong with it.  There is just a snag, it can't tell you directly, you need something called an OBD2 Scanner whose sole job is grab this information for you. 

    Technicians and mechanics use these products guide them in the diagnosis and repair of your vehicle.

    This 30 second video spells it out.

    Step 2

    The second thing to know is that unless you're mechanically inclined or willing to do further researching on questionably old content, that information won't help you much.  This is what 99% of OBD2 Scanners will show you:

    • P0304
    • Misfire #4 Cylinder

    Not helpful right?

    I feel your frustration, that's why we made our own and built a simple easy-to-use app for figuring out the Check Engine Light.  

    This is what you get:

    • Get details on what the problem is
    • If the repair is needed ASAP or not
    • Get the codes and explain them
    • The repair & parts needed
    • Erase or Reset the CEL
    • Cost of the repair

    In plain English.

    Providing you with enough information to make an educated decision on what to do next.

    Step 3

    The last thing to know it can be a challenge finding the service that best fits your needs, some people want more (sometimes a lot more) than the engine light and others just want that.  

    Knowing that, I built a handy widget that matches the best service that fits your specific needs. Just select the features you want and that's it.

    Check it out below - Takes less than 30s and its totally free.