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Complete & Incomplete Smog Test Results

By R&D
Published on December 27th, 2023

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A Complete Test means that your OBD2 scanner has gathered and checked enough data during the vehicle self-diagnostic test that determines all inspection results to be perfectly working and ready for an emission test.

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Not Applicable

Not Applicable tests are inspection monitors that are not tested or necessary when you perform a drive cycle. Not all test monitors apply to all vehicle models and manufacturing dates. The best example is when you perform a 'Variable Timing' test, it only applies to vehicles manufactured from 1996. For this reason, vehicle models in the early 90s don't require any variable timing states. 

Note: Disregard and ignore an inspection monitor under a 'Not Applicable' result because the vehicle system does not use it.

Not Complete

Not Complete Tests are the inspection monitors that fall under the following criteria:

  • Monitor tests are deleted after disconnecting the battery or cleared by an OBD2 scan tool which resets all self-checks.
  • Monitor test that needs more drive cycles to gather enough data to determine a Complete Result.
  • An issue within the vehicle prevents the inspection monitor from completing the self-test. 
  • An engine trouble code must be repaired or addressed before the self-test can be completed.

Note: This case applies if your check engine light is on or you have pending and confirmed trouble codes.

Note: An OBD2 Scanner readiness check won't be able to determine if your monitor test results are either incomplete because it needs to complete a drive cycle or incomplete because it fails. If you have an incomplete result and don't have any pending or confirmed engine trouble codes, you can refer to the Drive Cycle article to learn how to complete your self-test before your vehicle's smog test.  

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