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Need help with a Craftsman scan tool?

Published on December 20th, 2023

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Explaining how to locate the equivalent Innova scan tool, locating the full owner's manual, and updates.

List of Craftsman scan tools with equivalent Innova scan tools:

  • 18422 = 3030h
  • 1655 = 3100j
  • 18655 = 3130f
  • 1681 = 5100 Pro
  • 14063 = 3030, 3030e, 3030f (Depending on button formation)
  • 87702 = 3100, 3100f, 3100g, or 3100abs (Depending on button formation)
  • 20890 = 3130, 3130b, 3130c (Depending on button formation)
  • 20899 = 3140, 3140b, 3140d (Depending on button formation)
  • 25488 = 3160e
  • 47156 = 3030g
  • 47177 = 3100i
  • 47208 = 3130e
  • 47209 = 3140e
  • 25488 = 3160

Where are the full owner's manuals located?

Click HERE to be directed to the full owner's manuals.

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How do I update my Craftsman code reader?

All of the code readers we manufacture for Craftsman have no current updates. Innova no longer manufactures code readers for Craftsman. If your Craftsman code reader has never been updated, and you think there may be an update that you never performed, then you can download and install our OBD Tool Updater. 

To update your tool, download the OBD Tool Updater for Windows or for Mac.  For instructions on using this program, please click HERE. For PC, use a USB type-A data cable. For Mac, use a USB type-C data cable.


  • PC: Windows 10 (32/64-bit editions) / Windows 11
  • Mac: OSX 11.7 – 12.6

If located within the U.S., we have a trade-in program to send your older Craftsman tool to our facility for one of the newest Innova scan tools at a discounted price. There are many trade-in options available, depending on which model Craftsman scan tool you have. If you have any further questions or want to proceed with upgrading your Craftsman tool, please give our customer service line a call at 800-544-4124. We are open M-F 6am-6pm PST.

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