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What is ABS Bleeding? How will an Innova scan tool help me?

By R&D
Published on January 4th, 2024

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Sometimes, too much air gets into a vehicle's braking system. For example, air bubbles can enter the braking system through system leaks, during maintenance or repair work. When air bubbles are present, they can cause the brake pedal to feel squishy, reducing braking effectiveness and increasing stopping distance.

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Specifically, ABS bleeding is required in the following situations:

  • When ABS contains air.
  • Replace the ABS computer.
  • Replace the ABS pump.
  • Replace the brake master cylinder.
  • Replace the brake cylinder.
  • Replace the brake pipeline or brake fluid.

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Benefits Example:

  • Restore proper brake pedal feel.
  • Keep the brakes operating effectively.

Use Case:

  • Spongy pedal.
  • Your brakes feel empty and non-responsive.
  • You plug in your Innova device, and find that your brakes have too much air in them.
  • You proceed to utilize the ABS Bleeding feature.
  • Now your brakes feel like they are fully working again.

Innova 5610 performing an auto brake bleed.

Innova SDS43: ABS Brake Bleeding

SDS43 Tablet

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