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What is Yaw Rate?

By R&D
Published on January 8th, 2024

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Yaw rate is a vehicle's angular velocity while rotating from its vertical axis. Yaw rate is simply an indication of a vehicle's rotation from its vertical axis, how far the vehicle angled to the left or right away from its center, or how far the vehicle has deviated from its straight course.

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Vehicles are equipped with yaw rate sensors to measure a vehicle’s angular velocity about its vertical axis in degrees or radians per second in order to determine the orientation of the vehicle as it hard-corners or threatens to roll-over.

What is Yaw Rate image 3.png__PID:82a3549a-0d63-4606-98f7-28f5c4e8eac0What is Yaw Rate image 4.png__PID:3614439f-9f64-4a2d-b66c-f3123e02ebd9

Note: Innova SDS tablet showing how to perform steering angle sensor calibrations.

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