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The Hidden Costs of OBD2 Scanners You Need To Know About

Uncover the hidden expenses tied to OBD2 scanners in our comprehensive guide. Learn about often overlooked costs and make informed decisions.

Goodbye to Check Engine Lights

Imagine having the power to communicate directly with your car, deciphering its secret language, and unveiling the hidden insights within.

Understanding OBD2 Scan Tools in 2023

OBD2 scan tools are important for both skilled mechanics and people who just want to try fixing their own car. These devices give information about...

What to Do If You Hit an Animal While Driving

Are you asking, why would a leading diagnostic tool company publish something so heartbreaking as hitting an animal with a car? As traumatizing as ...

The Future of Technology and the Evolving Automotive Industry

From alternative fuels to self-driving cars, we explore the magic growing in the auto industry.

US News and World Report - "Should I Get an OBD2 Scanner?"

Innova makes several grades of scanners, including the CarScan Pro, which will run upwards of $300. CNET says the CarScan Pro “delivers pro-grade f...

Automotive Addicts // Product Review: Innova 5310 & 5610

Car Scan Solutions That Prove to Be Essential Tools For That Check Engine Light and More

Vehicle Restoration: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide on How to Restore a Vehicle

As auto aficionados, there’s nothing more challenging, fun, and rewarding than restoring a vehicle from the ground up.

Mechanic Scams: What Are They and How to Avoid Them

With so many amazing auto technicians out there, it is quite unfortunate to witness the auto repair fraud that strikes so many unsuspecting consumers.

Road Trip Rules to Know Before Hitting the Highway

Here are some simple road trip rules to keep in mind before venturing out!

Road Safety for Women Drivers: Safety Tips to Consider When Driving Alone

We give you 7 expert tips on how to stay safe and dominate your freedom to drive solo.

KateTheJeep Full Circle Video

They said it shouldn’t be done and highly unadvised, but Innova brand Ambassador Ali (@katethejeep) decided to take his fully kitted out Jeep up Ch...