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My Innova Scanner Does Not Power On When Connected. What Happened?

By Joseph Kim
Published on May 9th, 2024

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If your Innova scanner does not power on after connecting to your data link connector (DLC) port, there are 2 primary reasons why you may be experiencing this.

Innova Scanner

The first is due to your vehicle having a blown accessory fuse, while the second is due to your vehicle not having any power. Let’s explore.

Blown Accessory Fuse

It’s important to understand that all of Innova’s OBD2 scanners are powered by a vehicle’s accessory fuses.

If your vehicle has a blown accessory fuse, that means our tools won’t be able to draw power from the data link connector (DLC) port. As a result, there’s a disconnect between the vehicle and your scanner, which causes the device to not turn on.

To fix this issue, we recommend replacing that blown accessory fuse. Once fixed, the tool should successfully power on!

What About the Innova 5510, 5512, and 5610?

The Innova 5510, 5512, and 5610 aren’t an exception. If your vehicle has a blown accessory fuse, even with the optional AA batteries installed, the tool will not be able to establish proper connection with your vehicle’s DLC port.

This means vehicle diagnosis is not possible.

The only times the AA batteries are required is:

  • If you want to carry the device around once you’ve established connection with your vehicle
  • If you own an OBD1 vehicle

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Vehicle Doesn’t Turn On At All

If your vehicle doesn’t turn on, then our scanners won’t be able to power on either.


Again, our diagnostic scan tools source its power from the vehicle itself. If the power source itself is out, then it won’t be able to power on anything else. It’s like having a power outage and attempting to charge your phone.

To fix this issue, we recommend using a multimeter to see if your vehicle’s battery is dead. If you’re not comfortable with vehicle diagnosis, visit your local mechanic.

What If The Vehicle Has Power But Can’t Start?

If your vehicle still has power but is unable to crank up and start, then good news! Our tools will be able to establish a connection with your vehicle. As long as it has power and doesn’t have a blown accessory fuse, our scan tools should connect with no problem.

Need Help With Replacing Your Fuse or Battery?

If you own a multimeter, we have a quick guide here:

Otherwise, there are tons of helpful Youtube videos! We recommend checking them out. My personal favorite is a Youtuber called ChrisFix.

But remember, it’s always best to consult with a professional if you have any doubts. Innova does not claim to provide professional fix advice.

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