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Update Innova OBD2 Scanners Today

By R&D
Published on January 2nd, 2024

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If you’re looking to update your Innova scanner, you’ve come to the right place! Ultimately, whether your scanner is eligible for an update depends on how old your tool is.

Update Innova OBD2 scanners

Bought your scanner recently?

If you bought your Innova scanner within the past few years, then you’re most likely eligible for a free firmware update. Take a look at the eligible tools below.

Newer Tools

  • 1000 Dongle
  • SDS43 Tablet
  • SDS50 Tablet
  • 7111 Tablet

5000 Series

  • 5110
  • 5210
  • 5310
  • 5410
  • 5510
  • 5512
  • 5610

RS Series

  • 3030RS
  • 3040RS
  • 3100RS
  • 3130RS
  • 3140RS
  • 3150RS
  • 3160RS
  • 3170RS
  • 5100RS
  • 5160RS

Firmware updates for these tools are available (on average) once a year. If you visit our Scanner Update Page, we list which firmware version is available and when it was last updated.

To check whether your scanner is in need of an update, please click the button below.

Scanner Updates

Find the perfect scanner in 1 minute

Why is there only one update per year?

For your convenience, we offer a comprehensive yearly update covering all makes and models. Nevertheless, this comprehensive process of understanding, engineering, and thoroughly testing all included vehicles takes time.

For example, if you’re looking to diagnose the latest vehicles, you may need to wait a year before we provide diagnostic coverage. If it’s the year of 2024 and you’re looking to diagnose 2024 vehicles, you’ll have to wait until early 2025 before any advanced diagnostics can be performed.

The reason for the delay is because we legally obtain our data as an authorized user of OEM data, ensuring compliance. This sets us apart from other automotive diagnostic businesses that may not acquire their data lawfully.

To give you some back story, car manufacturers provide updates for their expensive scanners ($20,000+) well in advance of new car releases. As a result, dealerships are often equipped with the necessary diagnostic instruments to fix the newer vehicles out there. However, when it comes to aftermarket businesses like Innova, they often delay similar updates.

Update Innova scanners

As an aftermarket supplier, we rely on manufacturers' released information. We meticulously sift through extensive documentation about new vehicles, carefully engineering and verifying thousands of features for each model.

This is a huge engineering effort that involves a team of almost 100 engineers and field testers. That's why scanners with advanced features often charge for their updates instead of offering them for free.

As a reminder - your updates are free.

We at Innova truly value your understanding and patience.

Bought your scanner over 10 years ago?

If your scanner isn’t on the list of eligible scanners above, then it’s highly probable that your scanner is too old to be updated.

This includes scanners without the “RS” in the tool name. For example, if you own the Innova 3020d, it’s important to not get confused with the Innova 3020RS.

Think of it like this. If you own an iPhone 4, you can still use it to call and message people. However, you won’t be able to update its software to enjoy the latest and greatest features.

In the same sense, our older scanners will still work (with proper maintenance). However, they simply don’t have the right technology to support the newer updates we’re releasing. Innova wants to provide the best product to its customers, so we’re adapting to the technological trends based on consumer demand.

But! That’s not to say there’s nothing you can do. We have a tool upgrade program.

Tool Upgrade Program

If you own an old Innova scanner, it’ll automatically make you eligible to receive a huge discount on our latest and most advanced handheld scan tool - the Innova 5610.

Innova tool upgrade

This program (which used to be our trade-in program) is now known as our Tool Upgrade Program, which means you no longer have to physically trade-in your old scanner to be eligible. You just have to take a photo of your scanner with your email written on a piece of paper.

Once submitted, our internal team will review your application. And if found eligible, we’ll then send you an email with your exclusive discount link.

To start, click on the button below.

Tool Upgrade Program


Updating your scan tool is a pretty straight-forward process, especially if you follow the guidelines on our Scanner Update Page.

However, if there is anything unclear or if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are available by phone, email, and live chat.

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