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Discover a series of 5110 tutorial videos highlighting the exceptional features of the Innova 5110 OBD2 scanner. These videos provide clear guides, problem-solving tips, and detailed demonstrations, all designed to help you unlock the full potential of this outstanding car diagnostic tool.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, these concise tutorials offer incredibly useful tips to simplify your vehicle maintenance and diagnostics.

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Innova 5110

Basic Tool Settings

Tool SettingsTool LibraryCheck Firmware
Adjust BrightnessIcon MeaningHow To Check Firmware Version
Audible ToneDTC Library
Live Data DescriptionHotkey Legends
Language SelectionLED Meaning
Unit of MeasurementQR RS2 App
QR RS2 App Setting

Essential Tool Functions

Read & Erase
Check Engine Codes
ABS Codes
Code Retrieval Procedure
Freeze Frame Data
I/M Monitor Status
Module Selection
Mode 6