Can I trust your fixes?
Don't just trust us; trust the experts who have been fixing cars in the industry for 20+ years.

When Innova started building OBD2 scanners, we collaborated with ASE master techs to create the best products. Through this partnership, we realized that experienced individuals can accurately anticipate the required repairs based on specific fault data in a particular vehicle.

At the time, we didn't know what to do with this, but decided that we don't want to build a tool that only helped you diagnose what was wrong with your vehicle, but create a solution that could help you fix it.  So for years, we compiled this data.

Our data is unique, we didn't scrape it off the internet, or create it from matching parts to codes, or create it based off OEM data.  We spoke to, met with, and consulted with hundreds of ASE master techs over years who worked on cars and collaboratively agree on the fix for your specific issue for your specific vehicle.

And then we sampled data and ran tests to confirm the fix with our in-house master techs.  As well as polled people using our data if they found the fix useful and if they completed the repair.  And we got astonishing numbers.

90% of users found the fix useful.