How to create a RepairSolutions2 report with a handheld tool.

This guide goes over how to create a report on RepairSolutions 2 app with your tool.
This guide assumes you have downloaded and setup the app and have the tool on hand.

1 – With your tool and mobile device on hand, launch the RS2 app and go to your vehicle
Make sure you've already downloaded and setup RepairSolutions 2 on your mobile device.

2 – Plug your tool to your vehicle to retrieve data. Leave it connected if the tool has no batteries
If you’re not sure where to plug it in, you can find out on your app by following the directions below.

3 – Turn Vehicle On
Turn your ignition to the ON position. You do not need to start your vehicle.

4 – Pair your tool to app using Bluetooth
Complete the 3 steps on the first screen, then tap Continue. Select your handheld tool from the list of available tools to begin the pairing process.

5 – Report uploading
Once your tool is paired to the app, the data from your tool will automatically transfer to the RS2 app to create a report
Note: If the data does not automatically transfer, simply keep the app and tool paired and scan your vehicle again.

6 – Finish creating your report
Enter your current vehicle mileage and if prompted to, please tell us where you purchased your tool to generate your report.

7 – View your vehicle report
Tap on the different sections to explore your new report! For even more data, keep your tool paired to the app and perform an "All Module Scan" using your handheld tool. When your tool finishes scanning your vehicle, more data will populate within the app.