How to create RepairSolutions2 report with tool

This guide goes over how to create a report on RepairSolutions 2 app with your tool.
This guide assumes you have downloaded and setup the app and have the tool on hand.

1 – Go to vehicle with mobile device and tool
Make sure you’ve already downloaded and setup RepairSolutions 2 on your mobile device.

2 – Plug in your tool into your vehicle
If you’re not sure where to plug it in you can find out on your app by following the directions below.

3 – Turn Vehicle On
Turn your ignition to the ON position. You do not need to start your vehicle.

4 – Bluetooth connect to your device
Tap the Bluetooth icon on the upper right and follow the steps below to select that device to connect to.
Your tool may be in the middle of reading your vehicle’s information so it may take a few seconds for the connection process to complete.
Please wait.

5 – Report uploading
Once your device is connected, a small alert should appear letting you know that the app and tool are communicating and creating the report.

6 – Report is ready
After a minute or two, you will be informed that the report is ready to view. Tap the alert to view.