How to create RepairSolutions2 report with dongle

This guide goes over how to create a report on the RepairSolutions 2 app with your dongle.
This guide assumes you have downloaded the app, created an account and have the dongle on hand.

1 – Go to vehicle with mobile device and dongle
Make sure you’ve already downloaded and setup RepairSolutions 2 on your mobile device.

2 – Plug your dongle onto your vehicle’s data link connector (DLC).
If you’re not sure where to plug it in, you can find out on your app by following the directions below.

3 – Turn Vehicle On
Turn your ignition to the ON position. You do not need to start your vehicle.

4 – Pair your dongle to the app using Bluetooth
Complete the 3 steps on the first screen, then tap Continue. Select your dongle from the list of available tools to begin the pairing process.

5 – Where did you purchase your tool?
If prompted to, please tell us where you purchased your tool. This helps us give you better part recommendations. You can change your selection in the Settings at a later time.

6 – Select a type of Scan
Please choose the type of scan you wish to perform:
Quick Scan - The fastest scan type! Scans your Engine module only.
Custom Scan - Scan time will vary depending on how many modules are chosen. With this scan, you choose specific modules to scan.
Network Scan - Our longest scan. Time will vary depending on how many modules are included in your vehicle. This scan will check every possible vehicle module for faults.

7 – Complete the scan process
Please wait for the scan to complete and enter the vehicle mileage to generate your report. An accurate mileage helps us give you accurate fixes and Scheduled Maintenance.

8 – View your report
Tap on the different sections to explore your new report! For even more data, tap on Custom or Full Network.