Live Data Scan Tools

Looking for a scan tool with live data? Check out the newest tools on the market from America’s #1 diagnostic tool brand. Easily cross compare features of our new line of scan tools and see how easy it is to use live data on Innova’s scan tools.

The below scan tools can do the following:
– Live Data

About Innova
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– Built to last years
– 365 day warranty return on purchase
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– All products are supported with USA based ASE certified customer service available 24/7

Best Live Data Scan Tools

Live Data
Check Engine Light


Emissions Check

Battery System Check

10 OBD2 Modes

Battery System Check

ABS Read/Erase/Reset


SRS Read/Erase/Reset

Oil Level/Reset
Network Scan


Battery Reset

Using the Tool

1 – Plug in the tool with your vehicle
And turn the vehicle on.

The tool will automatically connect and read the CEL.

To access SRS information on your tool, navigate to the SRS section to access that information.

The tool will display some information regarding your vehicle.