How to Connect Your Handheld Device to RepairSolutions2

How to create an RepairSolutions2 account with a tool

Learn how to transfer data from a handheld tool to RepairSolutions2 by visiting: How to Transfer Data to RepairSolutions2

1.  Connect your handheld tool to your vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC), and turn your ignition to the ON position.
Supported tools are: 5110, 5210, 5310, 5410, 5510, 5610, 3020rs, 3030rs, 3040rs, 3100rs, 3120rs, 3130rs, 3140rs, 3150rs, 3160rs, 5100rs and 5160rs

2. Wait for your tool to link, then proceed to retrieve data from your vehicle.
Samples of data that can be transferred are Global Scan (Powertrain), Brakes (ABS), Airbags (SRS) and All Module Scan (Network Scan)

3. Register an account in the RS2 app.

4. When setting up your account and tool for the first time, select your tool from the Select Device page and wait for the tool to connect with the app.
There is no need to go to your device’s Bluetooth menu to pair the tool. BLE technology allows the app and tool to pair without using traditional pairing methods.

5. When the tool and app connect, you will return to the Report page, after 5-10 seconds a tab will appear with the message “Scanning Vehicle”. This indicates the tool is sending data to the app. You may use other parts of the app while this process takes place.

6. Once the data transfer is complete, the tab will change to display the message “Upload Complete”. Tap the message to continue. Next, you will be asked to provide your vehicle’s current mileage, and the report will generate.