Turn Your Smartphone Into A
Cutting-Edge OBD2 Scanner

Experience a revolutionized way of automotive diagnosis
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What Makes Innova Different

Advanced Diagnostics

Read & clear fault codes such as check engine, ABS, and SRS.

Verified Fixes

All fixes have been verified by ASE Master Technicians.

OEM Data

We contract data directly from your car's manufacturer.

Read & Clear Codes

Read & clear fault codes such as check engine light, ABS, and SRS.

Verified Fixes

Understand your vehicle like a pro with verified fixes and reports.

Mode 5,6, and 8

Get access to advanced diagnostics normally only available on high-end scanners.

Various Service Checks

Reset oil lights, view brake pad life, oil life, tire pressures, and transmission temps.

Unparalleled Tech

We contract data directly from 40+ major automobile manufacturers.

+ Bluetooth Connection

Connect to our cloud-based database within minutes through RepairSolutions2.

Get Verified Fixes

All recommended fixes provided by Innova have been verified by Master ASE Technicians. Furthermore, we contract OEM data directly from most automobile companies such as GM, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Toyota, and the list goes on. As a result, the fixes we provide are of unmatched quality.

Why Choose The Innova 1000

Unlimited Free Updates

The Innova 1000 automatically updates itself when connected to the internet, allowing you to enjoy the latest technology.

Sleek and Portable

Take the Innova 1000 with you wherever you go. Save money by noticing problems fast.

User Friendly

The Innova 1000 and RepairSolutions2 were created so that anyone can enjoy vehicle diagnostics.


The tool work great with my 2017 MY F150 with the 3.5 liter Ecoboost engine. I am able to read the actual output of the sensors. I was able to read the coolant temp versus RPMs and the calculated vehicle load. I would recommend this tool it you want to know what is really going on in your engine and transmission.


The app is incredibly easy to use, and well put together, as someone who works in IT I appreciated that. I received this as part of a free campaign but now that I have used it I would recommend it to all of my friends and would purchase it for myself. Makes scanning your car incredibly easy and gives a good readout on the error codes.


Just right and it gets it right! Very simple to use! No more carrying around a bulk machine or running off to the department store to get a scan done. This is small but simple just connet it to the port when lights is on. Run the app and watch the magic and how simple life has gotten for us! Very phone and user friendly! Definitely a DIY!


I love that it's small and you can keep.it connected to your car and forget that it's there and then when a light comes on your dash simply connect it thru the Bluetooth app and find out what's wrong. No more having to drive to the mechanic and get charged to have codes checked or cleared. I highly recommend this product!


Love this little tool! As someone (34 F) who is not familiar or handy with cars at all, it's so handy to just keep this in my glove box when a mystery light turns on in my car. When taking my car into a shop, it's also nice to have this device as a backup "reinforcement" to whatever info they present.


I loved the fact that you can leave this reader in as you drive to collect data and pull up codes on the fly. It’s easy and intuitive with the app and I find it works well for the price point and the convenience of it. Definitely recommended for a basic code reader.


I've ordered a few of these in the past and I'll be honest this has been the easiest to use and seems to have the most accurate information. I've kept this and given away the cheaper ones to friends, as this will definitely have everything you need. Worth the money easily for peace of mind, and pays for itself when it comes to knowing what's wrong with your car and not just blindly trusting mechanics.


This device is great! It found some issues with my truck that I had not. As my truck was still under warranty, I was able to get in for repairs easily. I also found the live gauges fun and played around with that for some time. For repair or maintenance, I'd say this is priceless to have and will eliminate a lot of guesswork. For fun, why not?!


It’s really so simple- you download the app, you plug in the device to your car, and within minutes you’ve made the proper connections and you’re on to diagnosing your vehicle. It definitely beats lugging a laptop from one car to the next while servicing and I find the interface pretty simple to use.


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Turn Your Smartphone Into A
Modern Car Scanner

Experience a revolutionized way of automotive diagnosis
Available now on Amazon


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