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Which Innova OBD2 Scanner Should I Buy?

By Joseph Kim
Published on March 12th, 2024

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When it comes to diagnosing car troubles, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) scanner is a crucial gadget for any vehicle owner or enthusiast. But with a plethora of options flooding the market, the challenge often lies in choosing the most suitable one.

which innova obd2 scanner to buy

Here are our product recommendations based on skill-level.

Beginner-Level: Innova 5210

Innova 5210 for beginner levels

For those just starting their journey into automotive diagnostics or seeking a budget-friendly option, the Innova 5210 proves to be an excellent starting point.

Priced affordably at $99.99 on Amazon and other retails stores, this scanner is a reliable tool offering essential functionalities. It's capable of clearing and reading Check Engine and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) codes. Additionally, it allows you to view OBD live data, offering real-time insights into your car's performance.

When it comes to emissions, it can be a really handy tool as it has the capabilities to tell if you’ll pass your state’s SMOG check. The scan tool gives you drive cycle procedures to follow should you fail any of the monitors.

Overall, the Innova 5210 serves as a great tool for addressing common issues without breaking the bank. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward operation make it an ideal choice for beginners and those primarily concerned with standard diagnostic tasks.

If you'd like to learn more about the Innova 5210, click here.

Intermediate-Level: Innova 5410

innova 5410 for intermediate level mechanics

Stepping up the ladder in terms of features and capabilities, the Innova 5410 caters to the demands of mid-range users seeking a more comprehensive diagnostic tool.

This scanner goes beyond the basic functions of the 5210 and offers an All System Scan capability. In addition to reading and resetting check engine and ABS codes, the 5410 can handle Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) issues and access all available vehicle modules such as audio systems or air condition modules.

Priced reasonably within the mid-range spectrum at $164.99, the Innova 5410 ensures a more thorough diagnosis of your vehicle's health. Its ability to delve into a wider array of systems provides a deeper insight into potential issues, making it a valuable asset for DIY enthusiasts or even professionals dealing with moderately complex diagnostics.

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Advanced-Level: Innova 5610

innova 5610 for advanced mechanics

For those seeking advanced diagnostic capabilities, the Innova 5610 stands out as the most advanced handheld option in Innova's lineup as of the year 2024.

Building upon the features of its predecessors, the 5610 takes automotive diagnostics to the next level. This top-tier scanner not only encompasses all the functionalities of the 5410 but also introduces advanced features such as OEM (ABS, SRS, TPMS, Transmission) live data, bidirectional capabilities, and an array of special dealership-level functions like calibrations, relearns, routines, and resets.

While the Innova 5610 comes at a higher price point of $349.99 compared to the previous models, its advanced functionalities and capabilities make it an indispensable tool for professional mechanics, advanced DIYers, or enthusiasts seeking to explore and address intricate vehicle issues comprehensively.

If you'd like to learn more about the Innova 5610, click here.


Selecting the right OBD2 scanner depends on your specific requirements and budget considerations.

For beginners or those seeking basic diagnostic capabilities without breaking the bank, the Innova 5210 offers a cost-effective solution. If you're looking for a more comprehensive tool with broader system coverage, the Innova 5410 is a reliable mid-range option.

However, for the aficionados or professionals requiring cutting-edge functionalities and an extensive range of diagnostic capabilities, the Innova 5610 proves to be an investment worth considering.

If you’d like to compare the features between our handheld scanners, please visit our Comparison Chart.

All of our scan tools come with free updates, free access to our optional app RepairSolutions2, great customer service, and a 1-year warranty. Check out our Coverage Checker to confirm feature compatibility with your vehicle.

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