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Innova 5610: Price & Feature Overview

By Joseph Kim
Updated on January 15th, 2024

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Joseph Kim

Content Manager at Innova Electronics

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The Innova 5610 is Innova’s flagship OBD2 scanner and by far the most advanced handheld tool we offer. The tool costs $349.99, and here we’ll break down why the tool is priced at that range and whether or not it’s worth your money.

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How Much Is The Innova 5610?

As previously stated, the retail price for the Innova 5610 is $349.99. It's important to note that this price can differ on various platforms.

For example, on our official website, the tool is listed at $411.99. The reason for this is to promote sales through channels other than

Innova holds a significant position as an automotive supplier for aftermarket diagnostic scanners, as evidenced by our presence in major automotive retailers such as Autozone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, and Amazon.

To avoid sales cannibalization and to encourage customers to shop at our authorized retailers, we raised our website price. And don't worry - if you bought from our authorized retailers, you're still eligible for our 1-year warranty.

What The Innova 5610 Is Capable Of

Bi-Directional Tests (Active Tests)

Unlike our other handheld scanners, the Innova 5610 is capable of performing bi-directional tests.

Distinguishing itself from a standard OBD2 scanner, a bi-directional scanner goes beyond mere information retrieval from the vehicle's computer systems. It enables users to send commands, embodying the concept of bi-directional control.

Through active tests, mechanics can identify malfunctions in the vehicle. For instance, bi-directional controls empower users to activate or deactivate relay fans, or turn the fuel pump on and off, facilitating testing for abnormal operation.

More information can be found in our bi-directional article.

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Special Functions

If you need a scanner capable of performing essential dealership-level features, this scan tool may be a good fit. It’s capable of:

  • Calibrations
  • Routines
  • Relearns
  • Advanced Resets

Some of the most sought after special functions include steering angle sensor (SAS) calibration, throttle body relearn, AC clutch relearn, EPB / DPF reset, ABS bleeding, and more.

These features are usually only available on higher-end tools. While we do offer an extensive number of features, please note that each specific feature highly depends on whether your vehicle/make supports it. For example, we support DPF regeneration and SAS calibration. However, whether your vehicle supports that feature depends on the year, make, and model.

If you’d like to check whether your vehicle supports a specific feature, we highly encourage you to utilize our Coverage Checker. For more information on how to use the Coverage Checker, please read this blog.

OBD & OEM Live Data

Unlike scanners that only support OBD live data, the Innova 5610 supports OEM live data and allows you access to OEM-specific modules. You can get responsive live data feedback on:

  • Engine (RPM, Short-Term Fuel Trim, Long-Term Fuel Trim, Mass Air Flow, Engine Coolant Temperature, Throttle Position, Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure)
  • ABS
  • SRS
  • Transmission
  • TPMS

With the Innova 5610, you’ll be able to view live data in 2 ways:

  • As a table
  • As a graph

Better yet, you can view multiple graphs of live data at the same time with this scan tool. If you’re only interested in certain live data parameter IDs (PIDs), you’re also able to customize your screen.

Lastly, you have the capability to capture and replay live data as required for future reference.

All System Scan

Through a comprehensive system scan, you can diagnose all OEM systems in your vehicle, encompassing but not limited to:

  • Check Engine
  • ABS
  • SRS
  • Transmission
  • TPMS
  • Audio
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Air Conditioner
  • And more...

Of course, our lower-end scanners (Innova 5410, 5510, 5512, and 1000) also offer the above features too. So if you’re only looking for an all system scanner, choosing a lower-end model might not be a bad idea.

SMOG / Drive Cycles

For residents in SMOG-mandated states, completing your drive cycle before a SMOG check is essential and can save you a significant amount of time.

The following vehicle systems can be checked:

  • MIS: Misfire Monitor
  • FUE: Fuel System Monitor
  • CCM: Comprehensive Component Monitor
  • EVA: EVAP System Monitor
  • 02S: Oxygen Sensor Monitor
  • HTR: Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor
  • EGR: EGR System Monitor
  • CAT: Catalyst Monitor

Our tools inform you about your vehicle's ability to complete a drive cycle. If additional testing is necessary, these monitors will start blinking. A yellow LED light indicates pending codes for testing, while a green LED light signals no issues.

Furthermore, our tools feature Auto Re-Link, ensuring automatic refresh of your vehicle's monitors approximately every 30 seconds. This practical functionality allows you to perform drive cycle procedures and observe real-time results, eliminating the need for aimless driving. We provide information on whether your monitor successfully completed a drive cycle procedure.

More information on drive cycle procedures can be found here.


With this scanner, you’ll be able to reset the battery, oil light, and other service lights.

Service Tests

With this scanner, you’ll be able to perform a battery/charging system test.

Reading & Clearing Codes

With the capability to conduct a full system scan, you can read and clear a wide range of codes, including those for check engine, ABS, SRS, TPMS, and so on, but it doesn't stop there.

All Innova scanners come with equipped with the following features:

  • Code Priority: Shows you the primary DTC that’s causing your check engine light to pop up. This helps you prioritize fixes, rather than fixing every single retrieved DTC.
  • Code Severity Alert: Shows you how severe the retrieved DTC is and whether or not it’s safe to continue driving.

But best of all? We provide you fixes verified by ASE Master Techs for your specific vehicle’s trouble codes. This data is proprietary to Innova alone and is one of the nation’s largest fix databases.

The 5610 Is An Innova-Branded Product

With the purchase of the Innova 5610 comes several brand-specific benefits! Such benefits include:

Free Software Updates

We do not charge any firmware or software update fees. Enjoy unlimited scans with nothing tying you down financially. We do our best to provide annual updates to provide the latest coverage.

Coverage Checker

Know what features you’re buying before any purchase. We tell you the exact features that’ll work on your vehicle by tool.

30+ Years Of Data

Enjoy access to millions of vehicle diagnostic fix data that is unique to Innova alone. We are proud to be one of the nation’s leading sources of vehicle fix databases.

Comes With Optional Repair App

With the purchase of any Innova tool comes a free repair app - RepairSolutions2. It is currently the highest-rated repair app in the United States. You can save unlimited vehicle scans directly to your phone, as well as send scan reports to emails.

Quality Products

We stand behind our products with pride! With millions of scanners sold nationwide at over 30,000 store outlets, we are considered North America’s no.1 diagnostic tool company. All products come with a 1-year warranty.

Customer Service

We offer fast customer support via phone, email, or live chat from Monday ~ Friday 6AM - 6PM PST. Have a question about our products? Ring us up! We are based in Irvine, California. American born and raised.

What The Innova 5610 Is NOT Capable Of

ECU or Key Programming, ADAS, and FCA Gateway Access

If you’re looking for advanced features beyond bi-directional tests, the Innova 5610 will not support them. Again, the Innova 5610 is currently being sold at the price point of $349.99. Our handheld OBD2 tools are meant for everyday diagnosis use.

If ECU programming or ADAS calibration is a feature you need, you’ll most likely have to expect spending at least $1,000+. We recommend checking out Snap-On for professional high-end features.

That said, Innova is currently in the process of introducing more and more professional OBD2 tools into the market. We’re starting a professional line called the SDS tablets, which is catered more towards the professional and includes FCA Gateway Access for select vehicles. If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to click here.

Is The Innova 5610 Worth It?

That’s up to you. While the Innova 5610 is a great product for its price, features, and brand benefits, we understand that it may not be the right product for everyone.

There are cheaper products in the market that have similar feature sets.

image (35).jpg__PID:9df0e4b6-e6d1-4cef-ba80-7d2cb7eb26ad

The whole point of this article isn’t to push you to buy our products but to provide valuable information that’ll allow you to make an informed decision. If you’d like to learn more about the Innova 5610, click here.

It’s Question Time!

Now, it wouldn’t be fair to you if I were to end the article here. To make your buying journey as easy as possible, I compiled the most frequently asked questions below. If you have questions you’d like answered, I encourage you to ask questions on our community board or contact our customer support team. Happy scanning!

Q: Does the Innova 5610 require internet access?
A: No, the device can be used anytime & anywhere without cloud access. The only time the device requires internet access would be for firmware updates.

Q: Do I have to use the RS2 app with the Innova 5610?
A: No, our app is completely optional to use and is not required.

Q: Can I use the Innova 5610 outside of the USA?
A: The tool will only work in the United States and Canada. It will not work outside of those two countries.

Q: How accurate is the diagnostic data?
A: While we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy (as is with any company), we are confident in our database. We’ve diagnosed over 100 million vehicles and are constantly in the process of vetting our fix database with our ASE master techs.

Q: How many bidirectional features does the Innova 5610 offer?
A: The available number of bidirectional features highly depends on your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Please use our Coverage Checker to gain this info.

Q: How do I update the Innova 5610?
A: You can update your tool here. A PC software (free and easy to install) is required for the update.

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