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Do It Yourself EPB for 2016 Ford F-150

By Joseph Kim
Published on May 21st, 2024

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Tackling EPB maintenance challenges with your 2016 Ford F-150? Whether it involves resetting the EPB system following a brake pad replacement, troubleshooting syncing issues, ensuring safe system activation, or guaranteeing optimal performance of brake calipers and components—navigating these tasks can be daunting.

Thankfully, there's an easier way. An OBD2 scanner with EPB functionality is specifically designed to address these challenges, simplifying the maintenance process for F-150 owners. With the right scanner, you can easily reset the EPB, activate and deactivate the system for safe maintenance, and even perform component tests—all from the comfort of your driveway.

EPB Reset

EPB and Its Challenges

The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) is a significant evolution in automotive safety and convenience, replacing the traditional handbrake with a button-operated system that controls the brake calipers electronically. This system is especially crucial for modern vehicles, including hybrids like the 2016 Ford F-150, enhancing the ease of use, reliability, and safety features. By integrating with the vehicle’s onboard computer, the EPB offers precise control and diagnostics that traditional systems can’t match.

For owners of the 2016 Ford F-150, the EPB is not just a feature; it's an integral part of the vehicle's sophisticated braking ecosystem, providing enhanced stability and safety, particularly in scenarios requiring stops or on steep inclines, at lights, and in stop and go traffic. When activated, the Advanced Brake Hold System will electronically engage the brake calipers when you come to a full stop, then release as the accelerator pedal is engaged.

EPB Reset

Despite its advantages, the EPB system can present unique challenges to vehicle owners, especially when it comes to maintenance and troubleshooting:

  • Resetting Challenges: After replacing your F-150's brake pads, resetting the EPB is crucial to ensure the brakes work normally. Without the right diagnostic tools, this reset process can be either complicated or necessitate a costly trip to the dealership.
  • Synchronization Issues: Upgrading your brake pads should lead to smoother, more responsive performance. However, if the EPB doesn't properly sync post-upgrade, you may find yourself dealing with less than ideal braking performance.
  • Maintenance Safeguards: Before performing any brake maintenance, deactivating the EPB system is a critical safety step to prevent unintended engagement. Yet, reactivating the EPB without the appropriate tools can be an unexpected hassle, complicating what should be straightforward maintenance work.
  • Service Mode Access: Some maintenance tasks require putting the EPB system into service mode, which retracts the brake calipers electronically. This step is vital for performing work without triggering the EPB inadvertently. However, entering and exiting service mode without a specialized scanner can leave you unable to proceed.
  • Component Verification: After any maintenance, ensuring that all EPB system components, like actuators and motors, are functioning correctly is essential for the overall health of your vehicle’s braking system. The ability to perform comprehensive component tests can turn post-maintenance anxiety into peace of mind.

How an OBD2 Scanner Can Help

Owning a 2016 Ford F-150 comes with its set of challenges, especially when it concerns maintaining the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system. The sophistication of modern vehicles demands tools that match their advanced needs. An OBD2 scanner with EPB functionality isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for any F-150 owner looking to ensure their vehicle remains in top condition.

EPB Reset using OBD2 Scanner

The use of an OBD2 scanner can drastically change how owners approach diagnostics and repairs for their 2016 F-150, offering several key benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Professional diagnostics and repairs can be expensive, especially for advanced systems like the EPB. With an OBD2 scanner, you can perform accurate diagnostics at home, identifying issues before they require costly interventions. This tool helps avoid unnecessary dealership visits for minor issues that you can resolve yourself.
  • Time Efficiency: Time is of the essence, and waiting for a mechanic to diagnose and repair your vehicle can be inconvenient. An OBD2 scanner offers the convenience of immediate diagnostics, allowing for quicker decision-making and action, whether that means a DIY fix or knowing exactly what services to request from a professional.
  • Empowerment in Maintenance: There's a sense of control and empowerment that comes with understanding your vehicle's health. An OBD2 scanner demystifies the electronic systems of your F-150, making maintenance routines less intimidating and more manageable.
  • Vehicle Longevity and Value: Keeping your F-150's electronic systems, including the EPB, in optimal condition can extend the life of your vehicle and maintain its value. Regular diagnostics and maintenance, facilitated by an OBD2 scanner, play a crucial role in achieving this.

At the end of the day, an OBD2 scanner with EPB functionality is an indispensable tool for 2016 Ford F-150 owners. It offers a practical solution to the challenges of modern vehicle maintenance, saving time, reducing costs, and empowering owners to take charge of their vehicle's health and safety.

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How Innova 5610 Can Help

For 2016 Ford F-150 owners shopping around for diagnostics tools, Innova’s OBD2 scanner with EPB functionality offers a straightforward solution. It's designed with your vehicle's specific needs in mind, simplifying the management of the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system.

How Innova 5610 Can Help

Let’s explore the key features of the Innova 5610 and how it can make maintaining your F-150 more straightforward and efficient.

  • EPB Service Mode Activation: This advanced feature empowers you to engage your Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) into service mode with ease and precision. It's particularly beneficial for performing maintenance tasks on your vehicle's brake system or when undertaking diagnostic procedures. By activating Service Mode, you gain full control over your EPB, allowing for safe and efficient servicing without the need for external tools or interventions. This ensures that your brake system receives the attention it deserves, leading to optimized performance and prolonged durability.
  • EPB Service Mode Deactivation: This sophisticated feature enables you to seamlessly disengage the Service Mode of your Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) with precision and confidence. Whether you've completed maintenance tasks or diagnostic procedures on your vehicle's brake system, activating Service Mode Deactivation ensures a smooth transition back to regular operation. By deactivating Service Mode, you restore the EPB to its standard functionality, ready for normal use on the road. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that your EPB is functioning optimally and ready for your next journey.

Innova’s Unique Benefits

What sets our scanner apart is not just its comprehensive functionality but its design with the user in mind. For the 2016 Ford F-150 owner, these features mean:

  • Simplified Maintenance Procedures: No need for expensive dealership visits for routine EPB maintenance. Our tool empowers you to perform necessary maintenance tasks from your garage, saving time and money.
  • Enhanced Safety and Performance: By providing precise control over the EPB system, our scanner ensures that your vehicle's brake system is always operating at its best, contributing to overall vehicle safety and longevity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We've designed our OBD2 scanner to be intuitive, making it accessible even to those who might not be automotive experts. Clear instructions and straightforward functions mean that managing your vehicle's EPB system is straightforward and stress-free.

In conclusion, our OBD2 scanner with EPB functionality stands out by offering a perfect blend of advanced features and user-centric design. For the 2016 Ford F-150 owner, it represents not just a tool, but a comprehensive solution for maintaining their vehicle's braking system with confidence and ease.

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Reset EPB For Your 2016 Ford F-150

Now onto the main dish! Here’s how you can reset your EPB with an OBD2 scanner.

Step 1

EPB Reset using innova 5610
  • Navigate to the device’s Menu option.
  • Then select Service Reset
  • Under Service Reset, you’ll see an EPB Reset option. Navigate to it and press ENTER ↵

Step 2

EPB Reset using innova 5610

Wait a few seconds while the device resets your EPB. Once completed, you’re all set!

It’s quite simple, right?

You can also visit our help documentation should need more clarification:

Get Your Innova 5610 Today

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Turn your EPB maintenance into manageable DIY tasks with Innova 5610.

Our OBD2 scanner with EPB functionality cuts through the hassle, delivering the services and control you need.

Peace of mind comes standard with our tool. We're backing it up with a straightforward 30-day free shipping and return policy and a solid warranty. And if you hit a snag or have a question, our customer service team is ready to jump in with support, ensuring you get the most out of your scanner.


Q: Does the Innova 5610 work on all vehicles?
A: Yes, it works on all vehicles manufactured in the United States or Canada after 1996. However, not all features supported by the Innova 5610 will work on all vehicles. For example, even though the 5610 can reset the EPB warning light for a 2016 Ford F-150, it won’t be able to reset EPB for a 2013 Toyota Avalon V6-3.5L with a manual parking brake. Please utilize our Coverage Checker to verify which vehicles support EPB reset.

Q: How easy is it to use the Innova 5610 on my 2016 Ford F-150?
A: Quite easy, actually. You simply connect the 5610 to your vehicle’s DLC port. Once connected, the device will boot up in a few seconds, allowing you to perform EPB reset or any other diagnostic feature.

Q: Where does Innova get its diagnostic data?
A: All of our diagnostic data were legally contracted from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Toyota or Ford. Once we retrieve such information, we then process it internally with almost a hundred engineers and have ASE Master Technicians provide their input on fix recommendations. On top of that, we have another team of ASE Master Technicians cross-reference the suggested fixes to ensure the highest accuracy for our users. More info can be found here.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?
A: No. We do not charge update or subscription fees.


If your goal is to reset the EPB warning light on your 2016 Ford F-150, it's worth exploring options like the Innova 5610, a reliable OBD2 scanner.

Owning an OBD2 scanner is an investment many DIYers love. It saves you both time and money in the long run by performing vehicle diagnostics yourself.

Never worry what a dashboard light means anymore. Innova tells you the problem (what), why it occurred (why), and recommendations on how to fix it (how). We’re here to help your diagnostics from A to Z.

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