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What is Steering Angle Sensor Calibration (SAS)? How will an Innova scan tool help me?

Published on January 3rd, 2024

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What is Steering Angle Sensor Calibration (SAS)?

Around the past decade, manufacturers have added a number of sensors to the vehicle’s steering system. One of these type of sensors, Steering Angle Sensors (SAS), are typically found in multiples inside the steering column. This is an integral part of the vehicle’s stability control system which provides an accurate reading on the position of the wheels and rate of turn. It also works with the yaw, accelerometer, and wheel speed sensors to measure the dynamics of the vehicle. For example, what the vehicle is doing, what the driver wants the vehicle to do, and what corrections need to be made by the ABS hydraulic control unit to maintain control of the vehicle.

Since vehicles have been equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Lane Keep Assist (LKA), and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), they rely on accuracy from the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS). It's now necessary to reset these sensors after performing a wheel alignment or replacing a component that can alter the toe and thrust angle.

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Benefit example:

  • If the SAS is out of calibration, and the angle is too far off, then the vehicle’s stability system will not function correctly, and will be disabled. Performing a steering angle reset with an Innova scan tool will resolve this issue.
  • It's now necessary to reset steering angle sensors after performing a wheel alignment or replacing a component that can alter the toe and thrust angle.
  • Steering angle reset should now be part of your standard alignment, providing another service for independent garages.

Use Case:

  • After a collision, it's necessary to calibrate the steering angle to ensure that the vehicle can drive straight.
  • The steering angle sensor needs to be calibrated to ensure the wheels are properly aligned.
  • Warning light comes on: When the SAS fails, it will trigger a stability system related warning light on the dashboard, indicating that the system has been disabled and requires servicing. On most cars this will be the traction control light but could also be the check engine light.
  • Travel in the steering wheel: If a SAS is faulty or misaligned, it can send inaccurate information to the electronic control unit (ECU). This can cause the vehicle’s stability control system to provide incorrect steering adjustments, resulting in either a loose steering wheel, or the steering not responding in the way it should.

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