Automotive Addicts // Product Review: Innova 5310 & 5610

Automotive Addicts review of the Innova CarScan Pro 5610 and CarScan Inspector 5310
Check out Automotive Addicts latest review of the Innova's CarScan Inspector 5310 and CarScan Pro 5610, "A gateway to a real solution to a check engine light."
"...things are very different and we're in a time where there are affordable consumer tools like the Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 and CarScan Pro 5610 that both include a Repair Solutions2 app for my smartphone that connects through bluetooth to either device, for both iPhones (via Apple App Store) and Android (via Google play Store), to tell me exactly what is needed to "fix" my vehicle. To get such a tool, many companies have reached out to me years in the past, but none of their solutions provided the necessary information for me to purchase or perform the right fix for my vehicle – they simply gave me a check engine light code and left me to fend for a solution on my own..."
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