US News and World Report - "Should I Get an OBD2 Scanner?"

Innova CarScan Pro 5610 diagnostic scan tool being plugged into a vehicle's OBD2 for a vehicle scan
U.S. News and World Report asked a great question in a recent article... "Should I Get an OBD2 Scanner?"
Yes, you should. The more informed you are of your vehicle's health, the better you'll be at keeping your vehicle in top condition.
Article blurb:
"More than ever, vehicles on the road today are a combination of chips and computers. When things go wrong, as they eventually will, it’s not so much a matter of wrenching on the machinery anymore. Even if it is the engine or a timing belt or a gasket, the check engine light may be getting triggered by something else tied to that part. If you’re not a mechanic, you may be completely flummoxed as to what is going on...."
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