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Can't Find A Manual For Your Innova Product?

Published on February 6th , 2024

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Joseph Kim

Content Manager at Innova Electronics

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Repair vehicles with confidence.

Innova diagnostic scanners assist you in understanding your vehicle, finding problems, and providing guidance for repairs. You can access the same advanced technology used by professionals, without the high costs or subscription fees.

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I won’t beat around the bush. If you recently purchased our products within the last few years, click here to download your Innova manual:

If you purchased our products a long time ago, click here:

Now that you know where to find your product manual, let’s explore how you can get the most out of your product.

Manuals Available In English, Spanish, or French

All Innova products have manuals readily available in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and French. Simply select the respective options to download the manual. A simple click will do.

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Need A Physical Print? We Ship It To You!

I was at a local Office Depot the other day, and I was absolutely flabbergasted at the price of these ink cartridges. What are these prices? If you’re in need of a physical printed-out manual, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste all that precious ink printing 50 pages. I mean, who would when everything is so expensive?

Innova understands this, and we don’t want to put that financial burden on you. If you’d like a physical print-out sent to you, shoot an email at It’s 100% free!

Simply let us know the manual you’d like printed, as well as your physical address. Please note that this service is only available for U.S or Canadian residents. Also, no more than one manual may be requested.

Quick Video Guides

Currently, we offer quick tutorial videos if you purchased one of our 5000 series OBD2 scanners. To access these guides, simply click on “Tutorial Videos” right below the manual download options.

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Here, we give you a quick demo of how to access certain features based on each product model. It’s also available on our Youtube channel should you be interested.

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Additional Product Support

If you’re like me, reading through a product manual can be a bit dry. As an alternative way of learning about the tool, you can check out our help documents here.

If you're a visual learner, we offer live product trainings every Tuesdays and Thursdays! Not only that, we also have an extensive library of fix videos. We highly encourage you to visit our Video Academy.

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We’re actively adding new support material almost every day. And although most of these help materials are for the 5000 series as of February 2024, they can be cross-referenced across other series like the RS series. As explained more in-depth in another article, the RS series (and others) is simply a spin-off of the 5000 series. The features and functions are essentially the same.


If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our American customer service team. We’re here Monday ~ Friday 6AM - 6PM PST.

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