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How Do I Know If My OBD2 Scanner Needs An Update?

By Joseph Kim
Published on May 6th, 2024

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If you own an Innova branded OBD2 scanner, there are several ways to check whether your tool is in need of an update.

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By Downloading Our Updater App

Once you download our OBD Tool Updater app, simply open up the software. As soon as you connect your OBD2 scanner to the PC, it’ll tell you whether or not a software update is available.

If an update is available, you’ll be shown an “Update” option. Otherwise, it’ll tell you that your scanner is currently up-to-date with the latest firmware version.

By Manually Confirming Firmware Version

As soon as you turn on your scanner, it’ll briefly show you the current firmware version on the screen. It should look something like “FW: 22.04.09” or similar.

Take note of this, and compare it with the firmware version listed here. If the firmware version on your tool matches the firmware version on the website, you have the latest firmware already installed on your tool. If not, then your tool is in need of an update.

This page is always being updated, and it’ll be refreshed with new information once a new firmware version is released.

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Unless you subscribed to our other email channels, the only email you’ll receive from us will be essential emails (like order/shipping confirmation emails) or a firmware release email.

What If I Own An Old Scanner?

If you own an old scanner that is over 10 years old, we may not provide firmware updates for it anymore. If you’d like to know more about why this is the case and what options you have, I encourage you to read this article.

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