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Which Innova Tools Work With Our RepairSolutions2 App?

By Joseph Kim
Published on May 8th, 2024

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If you’re looking to use our RepairSolutions2 (RS2) app, you may be wondering which Innova tools are compatible with it. If so, you’ve come to the right place.


List of Compatible Innova Tools

  • The Innova 5110
  • The Innova 5210
  • The Innova 5310
  • The Innova 5410
  • The Innova 5510
  • The Innova 5512
  • The Innova 5610
  • The Innova 3020RS
  • The Innova 3030RS
  • The Innova 3040RS
  • The Innova 3100RS
  • The Innova 3120RS
  • The Innova 3130RS
  • The Innova 3150RS
  • The Innova 3160RS
  • The Innova 3170RS
  • The Innova 3215RS
  • The Innova 5100RS
  • The Innova 5160RS
  • The Innova 6030P
  • The Innova 6100P
  • The Innova 6200P
  • The Innova 7100P
  • The Innova 1000 / 3215RS / 3210RS

Owning any of the above tools will give you access to the full features of the RS2 app.

However, if you do not own any of the tools above, your Innova tool is unfortunately incompatible with our app. For example, if you have an older scanner like the Innova 3140g, you can only use the first version of RepairSolutions, which we no longer actively support.

If you own an older Innova scanner, you can trade it in for 30% off our best-seller (Innova 5610) here.

Best Product To Enjoy The RS2

If you’re only looking to utilize the app’s features, we suggest you purchase the Innova 5210. It’s priced competitively at $99.99 and comes with essential functions like reading/erasing codes or viewing live data.

Alternatively, you can take our short quiz below. All tools recommended by the quiz are compatible with our RS2 app.

Find the perfect scanner in 1 minute

What About The Innova Tablets?

Our tablets work with another version of the app called RepairSolutions PRO. It’s similar in features with the RepairSolutions2, but it’s catered more for professionals.

You can learn more about the app here.

Explore The App Before Purchasing

If you’d like a taste of what our RepairSolutions2 app is like, we recommend you try out its “tool-free” version!

Start by downloading the app in either the App Store or Google Play Store. Then, play around with it! No need to connect with our scanners to explore basic functions like maintenance items or possible breakdowns.

RS2 2.png__PID:42f5d123-3bcc-42a9-b7e2-7ae284ed453a

Of course, you won’t have access to its core features like getting the most likely fix for your diagnostic trouble code. Such features only work with a compatible scanner.

And before you ask, no there aren’t any hidden in-app fees. We do not track your location, nor do we steal your information.

The only time you’ll have to pay for something is:

  • If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle history report (VHR)
  • If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle part we recommend to fix your check engine light

These purchases are 100% optional and are provided to you for your convenience.

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