10 Easy DIY Car Repairs and Maintenance Projects to Save You Money

Interior of an auto body shop, with a car elevated while a mechanic stands beneath it, working on a repair.


Vehicle owners may be tempted to forego maintenance because they see it as an extra expense. However, regular car service is necessary because it can help you avoid more expensive repairs and breakdowns in the future. Not changing the oil regularly, for example, can lead to engine damage or cause your car to run less efficiently. Other maintenance tasks, such as changing brake pads or aligning wheels, can help you maintain control of your vehicle and avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road. Luckily, some repairs and maintenance projects fall into the DIY realm. With the correct tools, anyone can learn to perform these jobs instead of paying someone else to do them. Even if you have to go to a mechanic, you can use handheld diagnostic tools to define the problem beforehand. Here are 10 maintenance and repair tasks that you can perform by yourself if you have the right tools for the job.