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Explore 5310 tutorial videos showcasing the fantastic features of the Innova 5310 OBD2 scanner. These videos include straightforward guides, problem-solving tips, and detailed demonstrations, all aimed at assisting you in maximizing the potential of this exceptional car diagnostic tool.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these brief tutorials offer incredibly helpful tips to streamline your vehicle maintenance and diagnostics.

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Innova 5310

Basic Tool Settings

Essential Tool Functions

Read & EraseLive Data ReadingsService Checks / ResetsOBD Mode Test
Check Engine CodesOBD Live DataOil Light ResetO2 Test
ABS CodesGraphingBattery / Alternator TestEVAP Test
SRS CodesTable PIDs
View Oil Life StatusMonitor Test
Code Retrieval Procedure
Record Live Data
Oil LevelI/M Monitor Test
Freeze Frame Data
Playback Live Data

I/M Monitor Status

Drive Cycle Procedures

Module Selection

Mode 6
OEM Enhanced Codes