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 Bidirectional Tests

 OEM Live Data

 Special Functions

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   Very happy with scanner so far. I'm able to fix a lot
more cars here in my Brandon Florida repair shop.
Thanks Amazon.

@Brandon repair shop
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Bi-Directional Active Tests

Test if something is working by commanding it to operate. Such as:

Fuel injectors

Fuel pump relay

Ignition timing

Cooling fan

To find specific bidirectional commands available for your vehicle, please scroll down to  Confirm Feature Availability.

See What Someone Said About The 5610

" I also like the Bi-Directional System Test capabilities. In fact, we have one vehicle that is intermittently stalling. I used it on the fuel pump and it saved me several hours of going through the process of elimination and the pain of the returning / exchanging of parts."

OEM Live Data

Get responsive Global Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, and TMPS Live Data as Values or Graphs. 

View multiple graphs of live data at the same time.

   Record and playback live data graphics

   View multiple graphs at the same time

Special Functions

Get access to professional workshop tools for a deeper-level diagnosis of your vehicle. Perform advanced resets and routines at the click of a button.


Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, Suspension Calibration, Headlamp Calibration, and Occupant Seat Sensor Calibration.


Throttle Body Relearn, AC Clutch Relearn, and Clutch Relearn


ABS Bleeding, Battery/Alternator Test, EV/HEV/PHEV Battery Heath, Transmission Fluid Level Check, Tire Size Rotation, Injector Cooling, Window Door Roof, A/F Setting, Transport Mode, and Coolant Bleeding


Maintenance Reset, Transmission Reset, Transmission Fluid Change Reset, DPF Reset/Regen, Reset Electric Traction System, Immobilizer Reset, Language Change Reset, NOx Sensor Reset, SRS Reset, Cylinder Reset, Adblue Reset, and Stop/Start Reset

Built With Your Comfort In Mind

No need to register - immediately use out of the box. You don't even need batteries. Just plug in and immediately see codes, current I/M status, and emission readiness.

Lit-up connector so you can navigate through dark cabins

Large responsive soft buttons

Shaped to fit your hand with an easy grip. Just like a firm handshake.

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Features & Functions





Check Engine
Emissions/Smog Check
ABS Brake Codes
View Live Data Stream
Battery/Charging System Test
SRS Airbag Codes
Oil Light Reset
All System Network Scan
BMS/Battery Reset & Initialization
ABS Brake Bleeding
Read TPMS/Tire Pressure
Read Transmission Temperature
OEM Live Data: Engine, Trans, TPMS, ABS, SRS
Bi-Directional System Test
Special Functions, Routines, Calibrations
OBD1 Coverage * *

* The Innova 5000 series are one of Innova's best-selling product lines available at select retail stores, including Amazon. OBD1 coverage is available for 5510 and 5610, but an optional separate cable must be purchased for it.

Confirm Features

Innova 5610's capabilities vary from vehicle to vehicle. To ensure it performs the desired functions on your vehicle, we recommend using the service below for confirmation.  This information is presented to the best of our knowledge, but it is not guaranteed.

The Innova Difference

Real Customer Support

Local Americans are ready to answer your questions or assist you with product issues through phone, chat, or email.

Regular Free Updates

Unlike competitors, we provide free annual updates for professional diagnostics on the latest vehicles.

Built for Americans by Americans

We're America's last OBD2 handheld diagnostic company. 30 years in the business and still build things to last. Irvine, CA.

Go Off Grid

The Innova 5610 works anywhere, without data or mobile connection - essential in tough situations.

Also, it does not require batteries and never needs to charge. It can function off the power from the vehicle port alone, making it a solid tool to store long term in your vehicle safely.

What Our Clients Say!


 Unit does everything it says.
Customer support is tops! First Class all the way.

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Get More Insight with RepairSolutions2

The App Is Free
And Totally
Optional To Use

Most Likely Fix

Safety Recalls


Upcoming Maintenance

Future Breakdowns

and more...

What Our Clients Say!


  ...I did get all the TSB's, recalls, etc via the app! Which resulted to me doing some preventative maintenance to head off a potential transmission issue that could arise. If you're handy, this device can, and likely will, save you a ton of money in reduced maintenanced costs. For me it's a must have. Wish I would've bought one sooner!

@Jason Welker
on Amazon

Get the Confirmed Fix

RepairSolutions2 analyzes your vehicle's fault data and compares it to our pattern failure database to provide a fix to your issue. So no more wasting time and money by looking up solutions in old forums and swapping parts.

Our fixes were created by local American ASE Master Techs and verified by peers.

What Our Clients Say!


The Innova 5610 is a great tool at this price point. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive OBD scanners but it is a great asset to the seasoned DYI and even the professional automobile enthusiast. Sure there are OBD scanners out there with more functionality but that also comes with a price. For what the Innova 5610 does for it's price, combined with a lifetime of free updates, the Repair Solutions 2 database resource, and unparalled customer support, I am more than pleased with this scanner.

This scanner actually paid for itself within the first week of using it. Go to a car dealer and see what they charge you to just read and diagnose ABS and SRS codes and you will understand your potential savings. I like repairing my own vehicles, my families vehicles and my friends vehicles. This scanner is as valuable to me as my floor jack and jack stands and is a great asset to any mechanics tool box.

@Kevin Manoni
on Amazon

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