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Get $200 by engaging in a 30-minute zoom interview with us!

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Select various automotive tools from Innova's product catalog! Plus, all products come with a 1-year warranty.

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We Want To Hear Your Thoughts!

Just think of it like having a causal conversation with us! Sip a coffee, eat a snack, and just answer a few of our questions. The interview will be conducted via Zoom. You do not have to turn on your camera! Join the application waitlist by filling out the survey below:

What You Can Expect From The Interview

If your application is chosen, we'll send you a confirmation email. The interview will last approximately 30 or more minutes. We won't ask you any hard questions. We will just ask you to browse through our website or Amazon product pages as if you were really shopping for them. We will ask you to speak your thoughts aloud, however, as you navigate through the various parts of the website.

During the last 5 minutes of the interview, we may ask you if you had any confusion while navigating through our products or what you think might have improved your experience as a customer.

*This is not a formal interview, so you can stay relaxed! Only voice participation is required. Video is optional. Participants can only apply once.