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Innova Electronics is your trusted source for top-of-the-line diagnostic tools for automotive repair. Our OBD2 scanners and OBD2 scan tools empower professional mechanics and car enthusiasts. Our state-of-the-art technology lets you quickly and accurately diagnose vehicle issues, saving time and money. Whether you're troubleshooting engine problems, checking emissions, or monitoring performance, our automotive scan tools deliver reliable results. Trust Innova Electronics for cutting-edge solutions that streamline your automotive repair process. Explore our diagnostic tools today and unlock the power to conquer any automotive challenge.

Innova's Best Seller
Innova 5610

Built With Your Comfort In Mind
No need to register - immediately use out of the box.
No batteries needed and does not need to charge.
Turns on when plugged into vehicle.
Get codes and IM status in seconds.

Lit-up connector so you can navigate through dark cabins

Large responsive soft buttons

Shaped to fit your hand with an easy grip. Just like a firm handshake.

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Trusted name in quality scan tools. Aside from having a big, bright colorful display with an easy to use interface, the 5610 is one of the most fully featured tools on the market. Far more than reading engine codes, then 5610 can assist with ABS, SRS codes, transmission temp, etc. As well as bi-directional communication to help with testing. Truly a powerful, featured, top of the line product.

- joeaudio (from O'Reilly Auto Parts)


The INNOVA 5610 OBD2 Pro scanner is absolutely remarkable. From standard DTC Error fault finding to extensive OEM specific diagnostics down to Service Checks aswell as certain System Module Initiation settings...THIS SCANNER IS PHENOMINAL! As the owner of a mobile mechanic/automotive service provider, frequent uses of such scanners and diagnostic tools is just as essential as breathing. The Innova 5610 is comparible to the purest and freshest air any living being could possibly breath. Surpassing my recently purchased $500+ Launch CreaderVIII by FAR.

- Anonymous User (from Advance Auto Parts)


Scotty Kilmer recommended this device and he was right. It's easy to use and is a great tool to keep up with future maintenance on your car and detect issues before it gets out of hand.

- Jim Tomlinson (from Amazon)


INNOVA 5610, OBD2 Bidirectional Scan Tool. Just want to say this is my second INNOVA scan tool. My first one served me well for many years but it was time to upgrade. I feel this one will have no problem taking me right into the coming era of all EV’s. This one gives me bi-directional ability to watch O2 action live. Really, that’s all I need to save considerable diagnostics time over my previous freeze-frame only model. INNOVA is a brand I can rely on.

- Nanook (from Amazon)


i get 5 different bi-directional options on my 1999 toyota land cruiser, i get live abs data, no srs live data,,, i also get my transmission temperature, i like the grafing a lot !! i have a cheaper but nice scan tool that doesn’t pull up abs, transmission temperature, and no bi-directional stuff , i would have to say that i didn’t know what i would get with such an old truck, but i was very impressed when i was able to pull this data out of the ecu, i’ve read a lot about these scanners and the comments about this one, for the price it’s worth it for my truck for sure!! people have to know that you can spend 500 ,700 or a lot more for a higher end scanner, but if you’re car doesn’t have the modules for even the most expensive scanner it can’t show you what’s not their !! on a 2013 toyota venza it shows a lot more!!

- Kenny (from Amazon)


I've been an automotive Technician for 16 years. I've worked in old carburetors, fuel injection, and some diesel. I've used cheap scan tools and very expensive Snap-on, autel, launch, etc scan tools. CarScan 5610 by Innova can actually compete! There's just so much information packed in this portable device. Very clean lay out, nice big buttons, clear and readable words. I'm very impressed with the data available. You can look up codes, erase them, read fuel trim data, graph o2 sensor live data. To be able to graph such data is HUGE. At this price point, I'd say it's great for professionals and DIY guys. The fact that it can pull data from so many different modules is a huge plus. (TPMS, Maintenance Resets, Battery, Transmission, SRS, etc). This scanner will definitely be my go to for quick diagnosis.

- Anonymous (from Advance Auto Parts)


I bought this code reader so I could save money on diagnosing and fixing problems myself. I would certainly recommend it! After only a few weeks I've already saved thousand in repair cost. Not to mention time saved waiting on the car to be finished at the repair shop!

- Dale (from AutoZone)


First things first this has to be the BEST money I've ever spent on any tool. This code reader does almost everything from clearing code to the 2 way communication with ur car to resseting ur check engine light. It reads literally every single component on your car that car be read.As if that wasn't good enough it offers real time data and an app that will tell u what the codes mean which one is most important to fix 1st and the most likely part to fix it with part numbers this code reader is able to do everything any home mechanic or diy guy would need it to do and it does a few things that are at dealership level

- Jason (from AutoZone)

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