OBD2 Scanner with Live Data
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An OBD2 tool is invaluable, saving you time and money. The best tools have live scanning, that allows you to monitor your cars data live and in real-time. The best scan tools are fast and can even shows data in a graphical format, making it easy to understand at a glance.

Once connected, the device can read data from a wide number of vehicle sensors, and depending on the device, let you know how the car is operating and if it’s having any engine-related problems.

Innova Electronics is the leader of live scan tools available today. Monitor your car statistics in real-time, perform live scans, read volts, RPM and much more.

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A Trusted OBD2 Scanner with Live Data

Our advanced scanners provide real-time access to vital information from your vehicle's onboard diagnostics system, allowing you to easily diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, our OBD2 scanners offer unmatched accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces. With our advanced technology, you can monitor engine performance, view live sensor data, retrieve trouble codes, and more. Trust Innova Electronics for top-of-the-line OBD2 scanners with live data that empower you to take control of your vehicle's health. Experience automotive diagnostics like never before.

Scan Tools with Live Data

A tool is required to pull and display statistical information from the vehicle.


Innova 5610 RECOMMENDED tool.

Innova 1000 Dongle Car Scanner Tool Innova 5410 OBD2 Scanner Innova 5510 OBD2 Scanner Innova 5610 Bidirectional Scanner

Using the Tool

1.  Connect your handheld tool to your vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC), and turn your ignition to the ON position.

2. Wait for your tool to link, then proceed to retrieve data from your vehicle.
Samples of data that can be transferred are Global Scan (Powertrain), Brakes (ABS), Airbags (SRS) and All Module Scan (Network Scan).

3. On your tool, press the Live Data button to activate the Live Data function.

Innova Live Data function

4. The tool will display live statistics regarding your vehicle.

Innova Live Statistics

Using the Dongle

1. Download App
Download the Innova RepairSolutions 2 app.

While the tool is able to display some data pulled from the vehicle, the app will be able to provide more information such as the repair and costs needed for your vehicle’s repair.

The app will work with your tool, so please wait for your tool to arrive or you may visit any of our retailers to purchase it today.

2. Connect the Dongle with App

Setup your account with the connected Dongle; Click-Here for more details.

3. Activate Live Data

Click the Live Data button to get it activated.

Activate Live Data

4. Metrics Selection 

Select the metrics to be displayed on the report and click the Continue button.

Metrics Selection

5. Display of Live Data Stream

Live data stream is displayed from vehicle’s data.

Display of Live Data Stream

Viewing the repairs and costs for your vehicle

If the Fix is available

If your code has a known repair, it will create a separate report element. If the repair is known, the app will provide information such as the parts needed for repair and how much the repair will cost.

If Fix is not available
Your code information will be inside of the Needs Attention report element.

Innova Techs will then begin looking into your issue and researching the repair. A Fix may be available for your issue within 10 business days.