How to Add a Dongle to an Existing RepairSolutions2 Account

Learn how to register a new dongle and a RepairSolutions2 Account by visiting: How to Register a Dongle

1. Connect your CarScan Mobile to your vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC), and turn your ignition to the ON

2. Log into the RS2 app.

3. To connect your device to an existing RepairSolutions 2 account, launch the app, from the Report page select the Bluetooth icon on the top right of the app, select the Dongle03 image from the Select device page and wait for the dongle to connect with the app.

4. Dongles connected to a new vehicle will need to download and install the vehicle profile before use

5. After the dongle and app connect (and if needed, the provisioning process takes place), buttons will appear in the footer of the Report page. To scan your vehicle, select Scan, and choose the type of scan you would like to perform.

6. Results will display after the scan is complete. Tap to view the different sections of the report.