How to create RepairSolutions2 report with tool

Learn how to add a new dongle to a RepairSolutions2 Account by visiting: How to Add a Dongle

1 – Plug dongle to your vehicle

  • Connect your CarScan Mobile to your vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC)
  • Turn your ignition to the ON

2 – Register an account
Fill out the fields and follow the directions on each screen.

3 – Setup your tool

  • On the Select Device page tap Dongle03
  • Wait for connection

4 – Downloading Vehicle Profile

  • Please turn on your vehicle.
  • The app will download a vehicle profile into the dongle.
  • This profile is necessary for generating reports.
  • This may take up to 5 minutes.

5 – All done
After registration is complete you’re ready to use your app.

To generate a report, please continue to our next guide How to create RepairSolutions2 report with dongle.